OCuSOFT’s line of lid scrubs and wipes promote hygiene and help alleviate symptoms of MGD.

Celebrating its 30th year, OCuSOFT has an entire family of high-quality lid hygiene products to aid the patient requiring treatment of blepharitis. Here is an overview of the company”™s current line for treating mild, moderate and severe symptoms.

OCuSOFT products reduce symptoms of mild, moderate and severe blepharitis.

Clinically proven and trusted, OCuSOFT Original has a  non-irritating formula that was designed as a cleanser for patients with mild blepharitis and those wishing to remove oil, debris, pollen and desquamated skin from the eyelids that may cause irritation. It”™s available in a box of 30 individually sealed, pre-moistened pads or as an easy-to-use foam. Many patients also use this product as a very effective cosmetic makeup remover. The 50ml foam pump container is ideal for the shower where it can be stored for easy access.

OCuSOFT Plus Lid Scrub is an extra-strength lid cleanser with antibacterial properties. This product is also available in both a wipe and foam. OCuSOFT Plus can be left on the eyelid once applied to help treat more stubborn cases of blepharitis. Many patients use it to remove cosmetic makeup as well.

The latest addition to the line, OCuSOFT Plus Platinum is an extra-strength, leave-on cleanser for more persistent blepharitis cases. This product is available as a foam in a 50ml container, which makes it convenient to use in the shower. In addition to cleaning, it soothes and moisturizes the lids.

Providing quality over-the-counter lid hygiene products from OCuSOFT within your office is not only a convenience to your patients, but in my experience, it dramatically enhances compliance by making sure the patient has the correct product in a timely fashion.

Compliance in the treatment of any disease is unquestionably our biggest challenge as practitioners. Ocular surface disease with multiple underlying etiologies and therefore multiple modalities of treatment raises the bar on achieving compliance. Having a patient purchase a product as they leave the office invests the patient in the treatment and avoids the likely scenario where the patient simply “forgets” what they were going to buy at the store or doesn”™t remember the specific product, or products, they were instructed to purchase.

Comment From a Doc:
“OCuSOFT lid wipes are an important part of my treatment regimen for patients, serving a variety of conditions with their breadth of coverage. Always easy to use and effective, it”™s convenient for both patients and practice profitability.”
““Gina Wesley, OD, Medina, MN

As practitioners we see all levels and types of blepharitis and the corresponding meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) in our patients. Our ever-increasing knowledge of the effects of worsening lid disorders and the integral role MGD plays in ocular surface disease progression should be a call to action. I recommend a much more proactive approach to treatment of blepharitis. Not only should we treat the obvious patient with blepharitis, but I feel we should recommend lid cleansing as part of regular hygiene to help minimize the advancement of blepharitis to the majority of our patients, particularly our contact lens patients.

Douglas K. Devries, OD, is in private practice in Sparks, NV.

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