Optimized for the everyday workplace, the Unity Via OfficePro is now available from VSP Optics. Offering the same technology used in Unity Via progressive lenses and expanding the overall Unity Via lens portfolio, Unity Via OfficePro automatically calculates the near and intermediate zones. It is available in two working distances, 5 ft. and 10 ft.

With maximized intermediate and near zones, Unity Via OfficePro is not only appropriate for computer work, reading, writing and meetings, but it also helps alleviate eye strain and improve visual performance, ergonomic comfort and clarity on digital displays, according to the company, while offering ultra-fast adaptation for wearers.

“We’ve taken the same technology that patients and doctors have come to love about Unity Via progressive lenses and put it into a task-oriented lens that benefits eyecare professionals and patients alike,” said Randy Dannewitz, senior vice president of strategic development for VSP Optics.

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