In addition to communicating news to your patients, social media also gives you a way to make your patients feel special like no other tool in your marketing toolbox. When used to its fullest potential, your social media platforms can become a hybrid customer service, sales, and marketing tool. Using it for one purpose only limits what you are capable of accomplishing.

Vary your posts daily so that you are keeping your fans and followers looking forward to what you have to say. If you’re always conversational and taking an active interest in the lives of your fans and followers, they will be more open to your post about an upcoming promotion or contest. One way to do this is listen to your fans and followers. Listen to them by reading their feeds on a regular basis. If you find something educational, entertaining, or interesting on their pages or on a post, share it or comment/reply to them.

Perhaps they gave a review of your business or a product/service of yours. Be sure to let them know you heard them and appreciate the feedback—even if it’s not 100% positive. Many people are satisfied just from being heard and it gives you an opportunity to serve them better in a public forum. There’s no better advertisement than a testimonial and if people see that you care about your patients on social media, they will know that you will care about them when they are at your practice.

Use social media as a way to discover things to celebrate with your patients. Give patients a nod and show them you are interested in them, not just making a sale. Perhaps you helped them make the switch from glasses to contacts or found the right frame for their face. Tell them how great they look as a comment on one of their photos. Be genuine, caring, and let patients know you care about them.

By making the celebration of your patients a top priority, you’ll see them turn into ambassadors for your brand.

Jessica Clark is an eight-year marketing veteran in the optical industry. She has led successful social media campaigns in line with overall
marketing strategy for VisionWeb.

Jessica Clark


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