To keep up with clinical news while maintaining a busy schedule, this OD launched a new blog.

Do you hit snooze or get up as soon as your alarm goes off? I’m a snoozer. I’ll eventually roll over, read a few emails and then, finally, accept that if I don’t get up immediately, I will not be able to stop for a coffee and still make it to work on time. And if I don’t get a coffee before my first patient, heaven help the patient who wants to try toric multifocal contact lenses.

So, here I am at work, said coffee in hand, and the first patient is an established 50-year-old with no complaints and who wears readers only. Sweet. An easy, uneventful first patient of the day. Then, this once lovely patient blindsides me with one harmless question: “What’s that new procedure all over the news that said I won’t need to use my readers anymore?”(Crickets!)

This feels as if I’m playing a game of trivia in which no one knows the answer, and then someone shouts out that “even the doctor doesn’t know it.” And then you get all defensive and say, “Ask me an eye question, and I’ll knock your socks off, buddy.”

Except, in this situation, the patient is asking me an eye question, and I still don’t know. This is supposed to be my thing, but who has time to read all the optometry news?

If you proudly read every piece of research and clinically relevant optometry news, you can stop reading this article and go take a nap because you can’t be sleeping enough. But, for the rest of you who have trouble finding time to keep up with optometry news, I hear you.

It’s not your fault. You’re busy, and there is an incredible amount of optometry news to keep track of, and not all of it is pertinent to you. It’s overwhelming and you could spend a few hours a day trying to read it all. So at what point do you quit working, turn on Netflix, and binge watch the new season of Orange Is the New Black?

Before 2016, I felt the same, which is why I started writing “20/20 Glance.” Delivered via email Monday morning, it contains a rundown on clinically relevant optometry news for the past week.  It has both headline news and a section on what your patients might ask you based on news during the past week.

It’s an easy way for the busy clinician to keep up-to-date. “20/20 Glance” distills clinically relevant news and presents it in an easy-to-read format. Once you start reading, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you don’t feel as guilty as you walk past the stack of journals on your desk. OO

Jackie Garlich, OD, FAAO, is founder of “20/20 Glance” and practices at Ophthalmology Associates in Milwaukee, WI.

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