Alden’s HP Prosthetic lenses are available in walnut and black, with a clear pupil, black pupil, or transparent, and with five different shades.

Learning about prosthetic technology and fittings can greatly impact your patients’ daily performance and appearance.

We are all looking for ways to differentiate our practices, to attract new patients, and develop new ways to provide superior care. Many optometrists often offer tinted and color lenses for patients to cosmetically change their eye color and appearance, but some practices take this a step further with the use of prosthetic lenses. We as optometrists are uniquely qualified to provide exceptional care for patients in need of cosmetic and therapeutic lenses. Other than the fact that this niche will serve as a practice building avenue, it will also give practitioners the unique experience of adding a life-changing and rewarding experience to their career.

While not as popular or widely available as disposable lenses, there are a number of companies who design custom lenses for use in your practice. These lenses are available to treat a number of ocular conditions, including ocular scarring, cosmetic imbalance, extreme photophobia, amblyopia, albinism, color vision deficiencies, and diplopia. Here are a few examples.

The HP Prosthetic lenses, from Alden Optical, Inc., are always custom made to a practitioner’s exact specifications and use simple and effective tints to help more patients. The company’s lenses are available in a number of different combinations of sphere powers, cylinder powers, axes, almost every base curve and diameter, varied replacement schedules (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annual), and are backed by a full 100% 90-day warranty. Consultants are available to help practitioners determine Rx and all of the parameters.

Specializing in custom tinted lenses, Marietta Vision offers a Prosthetic Lens Palette to aid in the matching of patient’s eyes to available lens designs. Consultants use a closeup photo of both the good and bad eyes to design the hand-painted lenses, and they are available in prescription if there is vision in the damaged eye. Lenses are offered in many shades of colors for light and dark eyes for patients to choose.

The hand-painted lenses from Custom Color Contacts are made with a unique color bonded process that replicates the natural appearance of a real eye and is guaranteed not to fade. According to the company, these lenses are often the choice of make-up artists in the entertainment industry due to their realistic appearance. Any +/- sphere power (no astigmatism) is available. These daily soft wear lenses are 48.5% HEMA and tend to last one to two years if properly cared for with recommended solutions.

Providing patients with ocular disfigurements and other conditions is not only a great way to build a practice and set yourself apart as providing specialty care, but can also be one of the most rewarding ways to provide vision care and change a patient’s life.

Jennifer L. Stewart is in private practice at Norwalk Eye Care in Norwalk, CT.


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