Solutionreach reduces staff time by contacting the patient via email, text, and/or phone to confirm appointments.

“Solutionreach allows patients to see how we utilize the latest technology and helps them understand what to expect. It creates a successful “˜wow’ factor which helps us generate internal referrals.”

-Kris Patel, OD, Today’s Vision””Rayford
Spring, TX

Grow your practice and engage your patients at the same time with results-driven Solutionreach.

In our practice, we believe having a patient marketing and recall system is critical to our success. With the increase in social media and the shifting to a “mobile society,” the old tickler file and postcards just don’t cut it anymore.

We’ve tried to stay abreast of technology””we’ve had a computerized office management system for 17 years and electronic health records for six years, and were using software for recall emails and patient notifications””but we still felt like something was missing. So we gave our marketing director and office manager the task of learning how to make our current system better””or switch us to a new system.

The answer (after much research) was Solutionreach. Why? A variety of reasons starting with its excellent customer service. This included our service representative walking us through the system online, giving us great ideas used by other offices, and always being available for adjustments and questions.

Its easy to use features are another plus. In one-day’s time our office manager had set up appointment reminders, birthday cards, newsletters, integrated social media tools, and patient focused messaging, all of which has led to increased staff productivity.

Like many practices, we often struggle with making sure patient appointments for the next day or week get confirmed. Solutionreach solves this problem by contacting patients via email, text, and/or phone to confirm appointments and notify them that their glasses or contacts are available for pickup. This has tremendously reduced staff time devoted to contacting patients. In addition, since Solutionreach integrates with our office management software it automatically updates who has confirmed in our system (we use OfficeMate), so staff only has to focus on patients who do not respond.

By far””at least for us””one of the best parts of Solutionreach is its Recare feature. This allows us to set parameters to contact patients who have missed appointments or that we have not seen in a certain period of time. We recently sent this to contact lens patients we hadn’t seen in two years and it resulted in one office scheduling 28 appointments in June alone.

Because Solutionreach is fun for patients””the platform’s video testimonial capture tool gives them the ability to record testimonials in their own home and upload for office use””it practically does “word of mouth” for our practice on its own. A lot of our patients have told us how much easier it has made their lives, as it gives them freedom and independence from what had been a lot of back-and-forth phone calls. They also like the Patient Portal, an online HIPPA-compliant portal which allows them to set up an online account for bill paying, secure messaging, appointment scheduling, and accessing images or forms. And because Solutionreach integrates with CareCredit, our staff saves a lot of steps in getting patients approved.

For a patient engagement system to be beneficial to the practice it must be user-friendly and allow ECPs to connect with patients. Solutionreach does all of this and more. As we learn and implement more of its great tools, we continue to see its value and reap its rewards.

Carl and Katie Spear have a five-location group private practice in Florida’s Panhandle.


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