Wiley X offers high-impact resistant frames with anti-glare lenses.
Eye Solutions Technologies’ BluTech Lenses protect eyes from harmful high-energy blue light.

Protecting your patients’ eyes has never been more in fashion.

Say “safety glasses” and people cringe, thinking about large frames with Coke-bottle lenses or those UV-sanitized safety shields we all wore in middle-school shop class. Thankfully, safety frames have come a long way recently and advances in lens technology have been occurring at an exponential rate as well.

Dental office and lab workers can benefit from safety specs that pair blue-light blocking lenses, such as Eye Solutions Technologies’ BluTech Lenses, with a coating like Essilor of America, Inc.’s Crizal Prevenciaâ„¢. They protect the cornea from the debris created by high-speed drills while shielding retinas from the selectively filtered halogen bulbs in the surgical lights and the LED-curing units commonly used to harden tooth-colored fillings.

Industrial safety manufacturers like Wiley X have stepped up their safety lines for construction work, woodworking, and other potentially eye-damaging activities. Now available are stylish ANSI Z87+ high-impact resistant frames with replaceable foam gaskets that increase comfort while providing a sealed yet vented facial cavity gasket. Pair these with polycarbonate digital progressive lenses and ultra-premium anti-glare for maximum protection and sharp vision at all distances.

As of 2010, ANSI standards included minimum A and B measurements, and fashion took a turn for larger, fuller-coverage frames. Thanks to independent technology and sports eyewear companies like Acuity Optical USA, Inc., lots of fashionable work-to-play options are now available.

When dispensing safety or sports eyewear remember that “performance sport” sunglasses are great for sun protection, but not for impact. Over-the-counter and plano sunglasses are only required to meet ANSI Z80.3 standards, which is the most basic-level FDA testing, equivalent to about 0.2 joules of energy. ANSI Z87 industrial or ASTM sports standards, however, require the entire pair of glasses be tested as a unit to assure that lenses aren’t penetrated by a projectile and that they remain in the frame during impact. Both ANSI Z87+ and ASTM 803.14 test with 19 joules of energy or more, which is almost 40 times more stringent than the Z80.3 sunglass standard.

Liberty Sport’s ASTM F803 Sports Protective frame-lens combos for younger patients include the Street Series line, which incorporates skulls with crossbones, flower power, and designs with vibrant colors that kids love. Multiple sizes fit everyone from pint-sized soccer players to teenage quarterbacks, and additional lens options are available. Liberty’s proprietary React Photochromic and Polarized Plus lens solution is optimized for outdoor games in variable light conditions, and when married with the company’s FogBlok AntiFog lens coating, vision remains clear and glare is minimized””even when the score is tied and the action is heating up!

Andrea M. Sarich is the manager and research coordinator at Phoenix Eye Care and the Dry Eye Center of Arizona.


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