Optical apps are providing optometrists with the tools to supervise their business from the palm of their hands.

The app from Metro Optics has made it easy for practitioners to order GP and custom soft lenses.

Like any new technology, it’s understandable that optome-trists have apprehensions about using apps in their business. However, optical apps are quick and easy tools to help you run your practice smoothly—especially for practitioners constantly on the go and who rely on their mobile digital electronic devices. Here are just a few examples of iPhone® apps that can be used in the daily activities of the optometric practice.

Metro Optics has made it easy and time efficient for practitioners to order gas permeable (GP) and custom soft lenses with its free iPhone app, which guides users step-by-step through the ordering process. It facilitates emperic as well as diagnostic fitting approaches. If practitioners need to include corneal topography information with the order, they can use the built-in camera to upload images. Orders are automatically placed through the system and the practitioner receives e-mail updates as the order is process and shipped.

The EyeRoute® app from Topcon Medical Systems, Inc. enables physicians to access images and reports stored in EyeRoute via a secure and protected interface. Through an intuitive touch screen, the application offers multiple review and manipulation formats of patient data and images. In addition, notes or audible dictation can be securely added to an exam or image and shared or responded to.

The iPhone is also increasingly being used for educational purposes. The Academy2Go app from CIBA VISION’s ACADEMY FOR EYECARE

MacPractice iPhone Interface 2.0 includes remote charge posting, staff and doctor reminders, practice management reports, and access to referring doctors.

EXCELLENCE™ expands the breadth and reach of the Academy’s professional education program. This no-cost download allows practitioners access to ACADEMY FOR EYECARE EXCELLENCE tools and education, which provides online programs so more practitioners and staff can participate in high-quality clinical and business education.

“We are listening to the needs of the eyecare professional and responding in a way that delivers relevant content in a technology format that is most convenient for them,” said Dwight H. Akerman, OD, FAAO, director of professional programs for CIBA. “Technology is a powerful tool that allows us to overcome concerns of time, money, and travel so that more optometrists, staff, and their patients receive the benefit of high-quality education.”

Resembling MacPractice 20/20, the MacPractice iPhone Interface 2.0 features remote charge posting, staff and doctor reminders, practice management reports, and access to referring doctors. This secure app allows optometrists to view their sche-dule, tap to call a patient, review a patient’s history, etc. Patient photos, alerts, prescription history, and appointment history are all available. Doctors seeing patients at a remote location can enter post-procedures and diagnoses.

Reminders on the iPhone create MacPractice Reminders in the office for

see vision screening apps for consumers as a threat to their business. However, the whole intention behind Global EyeVentures, LLC’s EyeXam app was to bring traffic to the eye doctor’s office. Nikki Iravani, OD, created EyeXam after realizing the other apps available to patients were inaccurate or incomplete. EyeXam is a self-guided method for measuring one’s own visual acuity at distance and near using a unique and high-performance method. EyeXam includes tests for color perception, Amsler Grid for AMD monitoring, and links to obtain more information about eyes and eyecare products. The doctor locator gives a list of qualified network of doctors when patients put in their zip code. Patients then can tap on the phone number and immediately be connected to the practitioner to make an eye appointment.
During the first month of availability, EyeXam was downloaded over 100,000 times and was rated by Apple® as the second-most downloaded free iPhone® application in the “medical” category. Today, EyeXam has close to one million downloads! As a result of patient demand, the company also recently released its EyeExam Pro version that allows AMD patients to save their Amsler Grid tests and show the history to their doctor.

staff and providers. A doctor may monitor what is happening in the office from anywhere by viewing up-to-date daily management reports. This will help create cohesive practices with personnel communicating with each other more effectively and working together more closely as a team. The iPhone Interface is also available for use on iPads.

Essilor of America, Inc. is keeping practitioners updated with the latest product, company, and event information with its mobile site mobile.essilorusa.com. The site makes it easy to access its information anytime and anywhere on a smartphone. It offers an engaging and visually compelling experience, including images and videos. Essilor provides users with weekly topics, such as Training Tuesday, Think About Your Eyes® Thursday, and Fact Friday, as well as information on new products, news, and events.

“Industry professionals increasingly rely on the convenience of smartphones to locate and obtain information in the palm of their hand,” said John Carrier, president, Essilor of America. “This site will provide yet another important avenue for Essilor to communicate with eyecare professionals, employees, and anyone who is interested in information from Essilor.”

Similar to how Web sites and Facebook have become popular tools in promoting eyecare practices to patients, optical apps are fast becoming an efficient method of choice in managing numerous aspects of the optometric business.

Marian Zboraj is Editor of Ophthalmic Office.

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