Biotrue from Bausch + Lomb incorporates a lubricant also found
in your eyes and is balanced to
match the pH of healthy tears.

How contact lens solutions can address complaints and improve care.

As practitioners we often face the challenge of addressing patient complaints and frequently choose heroic measures trying to refit materials or lens designs to solve the problem. But identifying the root cause may be as simple as a comprehensive case history where we ask the patient “how” (not “if”) they are taking care of their lenses (cleaning and disinfecting).

Patients aren’t intentionally noncompliant, and our role as eyecare providers is to help them by prescribing a lens care system that is amenable to their lifestyle and needs. Many options exist today that are “one bottle does all,” and while the rub and rinse of multipurpose solutions sounds simple, options such as hydrogen peroxide allow those who do not rub to clean the surface of the lenses an opportunity to maintain their lenses. The main thing is to educate the patient why you have prescribed a particular lens care system and why it is important for their needs. Here’s how to find the best fit.

The Problem: The patient wants the convenience of “no rub” or is sensitive to preservatives.
The Solution: Clear Care Plus by Alcon is a preservative-free cleaning and disinfection solution containing 3% hydrogen peroxide and HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix as a wetting agent. This combination provides deep cleaning and long-lasting moisture for all-day comfort.

The Problem: The patient doesn’t get six-plus hours of sleep or non-wear at night.
The Solution: Biotrue multi-purpose solution by Bausch + Lomb is designed to condition, clean, remove protein, disinfect, rinse and store soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses, in four hours. Biotrue works like your eyes by incorporating a lubricant also found in your eyes and is balanced to match the pH of healthy tears. Biotrue helps prevent certain tear proteins from denaturing. The multipurpose formula contains a sterile isotonic solution of hyaluornan (hyaluronic acid is a lubricant found in the eye) and a dual disinfection system of 0.00013% poyaminopropylbiguanide and 0.0001% polyquaternium.

The Problem: The patient is sensitive to preservatives.
The Solution: Blink RevitaLens by Abbott Medical Optics has a new look but still contains alexidinedihydrochloride with polyquaternium-1 as the disinfecting agent along with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), a chelating agent to decrease deposit formation and enhance disinfection, and the surfactant Tetronic 904 as a surfactant/wetting agent. This unique formula not only removes protein deposits to clean contact lenses and disinfect in six hours but conditions lenses for excellent long-wearing lens comfort.

The Problem: The patient needs added moisture for contact-lens-wearing comfort.
The Solution: OPTI-FREE Puremoist Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution by Alcon contains the HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix, an innovative moisturizing technology for increased comfort and dual disinfectants POLYQUAD and ALDOX. This combination eliminates microorganisms while providing moisture for all-day comfort and a barrier that reduces deposits and debris.

Harue J. Marsden, OD, MS, FAAO, is a professor at Southern California College of Optometry, Marshall B. Ketchum University, Fullerton, CA.


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