The Optovue iScan allows clinicians to
view the retina from various
perspectives with the touch of a button.

Optovue’s iScan makes the introduction of OCT to your practice both easy and cost-effective.

When I learned about the various layers of the retina in optometry school, I never thought that I would need to use that information in clinical practice. OCT has changed all of that and dramatically enhanced the level of care I provide.

As optometry moves toward a full-scope model of practice, OCT is becoming a necessity. However, many practices still question how an OCT will improve patient care and if the practice staff will be able to operate it. They also wonder how and if the technology will financially support itself. The iScanâ„¢ OCT by Optovue, I think, will put everyone’s worries at ease.

iScan allows the clinician to view the retina from various perspectives with just the touch of a button. It allows cross-sectional views and also what’s referred to as “en face” views of the various layers of the retina. This has truly enhanced our clinical decision-making process for those whose retinal conditions we are monitoring.

The device also scans both the traditional optic nerve head of the nerve fiber layer thickness and the thickness of the ganglion cell complex (GCC). In a recent study conducted by Optovue, focal loss volume (FLV)””a unique metric that the Optovue system assesses””demonstrated to be a strong predictor of visual field progression in individuals who are either suspected to have glaucoma or diagnosed glaucoma patients. FLV detects localized thinning in the GCC using a pattern deviation map to correct for overall absolute changes, much like the corrected pattern standard deviation feature in visual fields.

The pachymetry scan on the iVue takes radial scans of the cornea, which allows me to see a full thickness map of the cornea within seconds. Surprisingly, this scan helps me when I fit scleral lenses by also allowing me to measure the clearance of the lens over the cornea.

iScan is the first and only automated OCT on the market, and operating the system couldn’t be easier. My technicians enter the patient’s information, position the patient, and press the start button. They can then move on to another task while the system guides the patient through the entire scan.

iScan is also an affordably priced system that quickly pays for itself. In fact, performing one scan per day, according to current Medicare allowables, would essentially cover the cost of the technology. In addition, the iWellness scan, which can be offered as a patient-pay screening exam, adds a new revenue stream for the instrument that is outside of the realm of insurance reimbursement.

Optovue’s iScan can help make OCT technology accessible to any practice that is ready to practice full-scope optometry while helping take its patient care to new heights. OO

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Mile Brujic is a partner at Premier Vision Group in Bowling Green, OH.


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