Increase your capture rate with this integrated approach.

Having a system in place””from reception to exam room to dispensary””to educate the patient on optical services and products can improve office efficiency and increase capture rate. Below is a system we use in our practice. By the time the patient gets to the dispensary, she is exposed to enough information on lens features that the optician’s job goes faster, resulting in sales and superior customer service.



Everyone in the office has a role in educating the patient about new technologies that can benefit them. When discussing lens features it is best to avoid technical jargon and instead tell stories, or testimonials, about how the lens feature has improved the lives of specific patients and even yourself. We developed scripts to use at each of these opportunities. For example, I show my patients the anti-reflective lens treatment on my own sunglasses, along with the brown tint that cuts out the blue wavelengths of light. I explain how the polarization reduces glare while driving or enjoying the outdoors. Whether the benefit is cutting down the sun’s glare or improving comfort at the computer, the fact that the optician or doctor uses the lenses themselves can be a strong influence on the patient.

Patients have high expectations””about the length of their visit, customer service, and both quality and quantity of care that they receive. By optimizing your office-to-optical efficiency, you’ll give the patient the best possible experience (and vision), and your capture rate will increase exponentially.

Peter Shaw-McMinn, OD, is in private practice in Sun City, CA.


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