—People’s average experience on social media can easily become dull if the content they’re being served doesn’t deviate from the same old. You may already know about the 80/20 rule, which states that only 20% of your posts should be about your business. The rest should be focused on providing your audience what they want and need. Suc-cessful content marketing occurs when you share posts that both tell a story and are also are fun, educational, inspirational, and helpful.

Afraid your posts are getting no comments or replies? Try offering a contest or giveaway. Everyone loves free stuff, and hosting one of these will show your patients you care, greatly help to grow your following, and spark interaction.

Another thing social media marketers sometimes forget is that the whole point of social media is to be exactly that””social. No one wants to be talked at or feel like they’re constantly at the receiving end of an endless promo push. Humanize your practice’s brand by interacting. Ask and answer questions. Social platforms give you a direct line to your patients. Use it wisely. Start a dialogue. Get feedback.

Know the strengths of each social platform you’re on and use them to your advantage. For example, Instagram is great for showing a behind-the-scenes look at your practice. Let your patients see life through your eyes for a change. People love backstage access to anything they normally don’t get to see. Pinterest is a great way to show off the products your offer. Post relevant, interesting links on Twitter. Use Facebook to share photos and success stories of happy patients.

Another way to stand out from your competition is to plan fun social events like Twitter parties, Facebook chats, or Instagram or Pinterest takeovers. The Instagram and Pinterest takeovers may be a bit trickier as they are best executed when you have access to an influencer whom your patients would be excited to interact with on social. But for the Twitter parties and Facebook chats all you need is an exciting, relevant topic to get things going.

Remember to give your audience what’s good for them, not just what works for you. This is the secret to keeping followers engaged. And don’t be afraid to spice things up with contests or giveaways every once in a while. Your patients will appreciate being appreciated!

Ana Montoya is Social Media Director at First Vision Media Group.



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