These diagnostic apps can simplify your practice.

The impact of mobile devices and the release of new applications for them can be seen in almost every area of business, including optometry. There are a wide variety of apps for smartphones and tablets that can be used for diagnostics, patient outreach and to simplify your daily operations. Here is a selection of the latest apps for your practice and a few that are on the horizon.




Smart Optometry is an intuitive app designed for professional use. However, both patients and optometrists will find practical reasons to use it. Smart Optometry contains 15 standardized eye tests, including visual acuity, contrast vision, amblyopia, color vision, neurological and visual field defects and more that are easy-to-use, interactive and fun. In addition, it takes precise calculations and measurements. Download on a tablet or the office smartphone so that patients can perform these tests while waiting in your office or while you fill out their paperwork. Smart Optometry |

The oDocs Eye Care Kit allows eyecare professionals to conduct a comprehensive exam anywhere, thanks to adaptors that attach to a smartphone. The kit includes retinal and anterior segment cameras for the iPhone and an app with six standard visual assessment tools. The visoClip attaches to your smartphone to transform it into an anterior segment microscope. You can capture high-definition photos and videos while diagnosing corneal lesions and other eye conditions.

When you need more than an ophthalmoscope, attach the visoScope. Comparable to a conventional fundus camera, it features a high-quality anti-reflective crown lens that offers a 50-degree field of view. Both the visoClip and the visoScope are available for pre-order. oDocs Eye Care |

This portable, Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometer from Smart Vision Labs attaches to an iPhone 5s (included; no plans yet for an upgrade to 6s) to objectively determine the refractive error of the eye. The smartphone-based autorefractor’s portability can be used in remote clinics (mission trips, nursing homes, schools, etc.) but also in the office for improved patient flow, reduced wait time in the exam lane, and its child-friendly, open-field design makes it a win for the pediatric population. The company recently released the SVOne Enterprise, which features self-guided refraction technology, combining the power of mobile computation, precision optics and connectivity; and the SVOne Pro, an upgraded version of the SVOne with an increased range of power (the sphere range is -14.00D to +14.00D, and the cylinder range is -7.00D to +7.00D). Smart Vision Labs 212.796.6124

3. D-EYE

RightEye’s eye-tracking platform delivers eye movement tests and therapies that measure, analyze and improve visual skills. RightEye Neuro Vision, a 15-second concussion test, offers a simple way to assess how your patient’s eyes react to various specific stimuli to determine head injury. After any test, the RightEye system creates an instant report available in your inbox. The technology has multiple other applications in an optometry setting, which is why RightEye Neuro Vision was launched at the American Academy of Optometry show this past October.
Also launched this year, RightEye Essential Vision and RightEye Performance Vision include optometry and sports vision tests that can be completed in just minutes. To
conduct the tests, your patient sits in front of a screen and watches a series of short digital images. RightEye | |

The D-EYE Smartphone-based Retinal Imaging System is a portable ophthalmoscope that attaches to an Apple or Samsung smartphone. Positioned over  the phone’s camera and LED light source, the phone becomes   a retinal camera that can capture high-definition video and still images of the posterior of the eye.


Future updates will include D-EYE ImageVault, a HIPAA-compliant platform to facilitate workflow management, sharing and archiving D-EYE videos, still images and corresponding data for telemedicine, thus increasing remote access to retinal evaluations for early diagnosis and treatment. D-EYE 626.497.9212 |

The ion imaging system from Marco combines a new intra-optics beam-splitter/camera adapter with the computing and imaging power of Apple technology. It consolidates the use of digital camera, adapter, computer, etc., typically used in imaging to an iPhone 6+ connected to your slit lamp to image, integrate and educate in seconds. A dedicated app includes patient demographics, pre-set photography modes for video or still images, auto storage to the cloud and local network for EMR or PACS integration. Marco 800-874-5274 |

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