Today’s slit lamps offer advanced optics, digital images and meibography.

Updating optometric exam room equipment usually is not high on an eyecare practitioner’s list, unless it is

The Ultra M5, part of Marco Ophthalmics’ Ultra M series, features single-element LED illumination, integrated background illuminator, and multiple color correction filters.

needed to replace broken equipment or for an additional lane. However, there are many new slit lamps available that provide advanced optics, different filters, enhanced lighting and portable options. Instead of waiting until a replacement is needed, replacing an old slit lamp with a newer option can help with better diagnostics, comfort and optics.

Haag-Streit Diagnostics has offered slit lamps, starting with the BM 900 LED convergent stereoscopic microscope, for nearly 60 years.

Today, Haag-Streit offers a wide range of slit lamps, all with LED illumination systems. For example, the BQ 900 LED features a magnification range of 6.3x to 40x, including 10x, 16x and 25x, with high light transmission, high optical quality, and a large field of view. You can add such accessories as the inclined eyepiece adapter, stereo variator and Imaging Module IM900, which enables you to do digital imaging, even under low light conditions.
Additional options include:

The BP 900 LED, which features 10x, 16x and 25x magnifications; a bright-powered LED slit and imaging capabilities.
The BI 900, which has a Kepler microscope, larger-diameter ocular view and default magnifications of 10x and 16x. Using optional eyepieces, you can extend the magnifications to 25x and 40x. There is also a yellow barrier filter for fluorescein applications. An additional optional imaging set gives expanded capabilities.
The BD 900, which features 10x and 16x magnification, yellow and blue filter options, as well as UV and infrared filters. You can swing the AT 900 C/M applanation tonometer into place as needed, while the halogen bulb gives up to 300,000 lux.
The BA 904, a dual function slit lamp that you can use as a portable device or in office. The 10x magnification is standard, and there is an option for an additional 16x magnification. There is a dioptric range of +8.00D to -8.00D, a PD range of 53mm to 95mm and a wide field of view.

Topcon Medical Systems boasts a wide range of ergonomically designed slit lamps and accessories.

The SL-D301, released earlier this year, is one option for a comprehensive eye exam. Three magnifications (10x, 16x and 25x) are available as well as a Galilean-type microscope. The joystick is omni-directional, and the SL-D301 has a tower illumination system with a halogen bulb that houses the slit mechanism and built-in cobalt blue, red-free, 13% neutral density and UV cut filters. The SL-D301 is digital-ready, meaning that you can attach the DC-4 Digital Camera for color images and video clips.

The SL-D301 is the latest addition to Topcon’s D series of slit lamps. The series also features:

The SL-D2 Digital-Ready Slit Lamp, which can become a high-resolution imaging center when you add the DC-4 digital camera. Three magnification ratios of 10x, 16x and 25x are available, and it is available as table mount or unit configuration.
The SL-D4 Digital-Ready Slit Lamp, which features traditional magnification ratios of 10x, 16x and 25x, as well as ratios of 6x and 40x for observing the corneal endothelium. This feature gives it a wide range of uses in many settings.
The SL-D7 Digital-Ready Slit Lamp, which has an optional Digital Photo Attachment for color or monochrome imaging with video clip capability. When used with the BG-4M background illuminator, you can perform meibography. The magnification ratios available are 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x and 40x.
The SL-D701 LED Slit Lamp with optional digital camera and meibography. LED illumination allows you to observe minute details, such as anterior chamber flare. Five magnifications are available: 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x and 40x options. Also, an optional BG-5 background illuminator allows you to observe the meibomian glands.
The SL-D8Z Digital-Ready Zoom Slit Lamp, which features a 5:1 zoom ratio, a 6.4x to 32.1x magnification ratio, and the option to add the DC-4 digital photo attachment for images and video clips, and the BG-4M background illuminator to perform meibography.

The SL-D701, when used in combination with the optional DC-4 digital attachment and BG-5 background illuminator, allows observation and photography of the meibomian glands.

Another slit lamp from Topcon, the SL-2G slit lamp, includes LED illumination, an ergonomic design, slit angle rotation from 0° to 180°, and an omni-directional joystick. A variety of filters, including red-free and blue, are available, as are three magnifications of 10x, 16x and 25x. The opticals are Galilean converging, and a beam splitter can be added, as well as an R-900 or 870 applanation tonometer.

ZEISS, a company known for developing the first slit lamp with the Swedish doctor and Nobel laureate Allvar Gullstrand, has a range of slit lamps available for all practice settings.

The ZEISS SL 115 is a classic and affordable slit lamp. The instrument features a three-step magnification with ratios of 8x, 12x and 20x; plus 10x super high-eyepoint eyepieces to compensate for +8.00D to -8.00D of ametropia. A variety of filters, including blue, (green) red-free and heat absorbing, are available.

The SL 120 offers precision and efficiency for wide-ranging applications. It features a five step magnification with ratios of 5x to 40x available (depending on the 10x or 12.4x eyepieces).

The SL 220 features the popular tower concept with LED illumination, 22mm stereo base, large field of view, rotatable 14mm slit, and a choice of 3x or 5x magnification steps. Its optical and mechanical qualities, paired with detail and contrast-rich images, allow for precise exams.

The SL 130 offers the highest application versatility. Combined with the VISULINK 532/U and VISULAS 532s from ZEISS, it performs laser therapy. A wide range of accessories and configurations is available for enhanced performance.

Earlier this year, Marco released its Ultra M Series, featuring a single-element LED illumination, a patented integrated background illuminator, and multiple color correction filters. The series also features extended slit aperture and wider field of view, fully incorporated transformer and cabling, and intelligent operator and patient interfaces.

Magnification powers are 10x, 16x and 25x for the Ultra M2, and 10x and 16x on the UItraM3, which can go up to 25x with 16x eyepieces. The Ultra M4 and Ultra M5 have magnifications of 6.3x, 10x, 16x, 25x and 40x.

Reichert Technologies’ offerings include the Xcel 455 Slit Lamp, a traditional style slit lamp with tower illumination and 5 step magnification. The Xcel 455 Slit Lamp optics incorporate lenses with high efficiency, multi-layer optical coatings that provide bright, even illumination and clear image resolution. Xcel 455 uses eyepieces that are 12.5x magnification. Filters included are red-free, heat absorbing, cobalt blue and neutral density.

Whether building a new office, adding lanes or upgrading your equipment, there are many different slit lamps available to fit all settings, needs and budgets. O|O

Jennifer L. Stewart, OD, is a partner at Norwalk Eye Care, in Norwalk, CT, and co-founder and chief optometric officer at Performance 20/20, in Stamford, CT.

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