Reichert’s ClearChart 2 has a variety of optotypes.

“The crispness of the chart helps patients feel more comfortable about their vision compared to a conventional projector chart.”

“”Jason Maclaughlin, OD, Eye Mac Optometrists, Buffalo, NY

Ease of use and functionality make Reichert’s ClearChart 2 Digital Activity System a top pick for ECPs in the market for high-tech options.

Looking for an office “wow?” In today’s competitive marketplace, independent ECPs understand the necessity of distinguishing themselves from other practices. And that””at least for me””includes the utilization of high-tech equipment. When I opened my practice last June, one of my main objectives was to use new digital refractive technology to provide the best possible experience for my patients. After much research and consideration, I chose Reichert‘s ClearChart 2 Digital Acuity System.

Why go digital? From a purely cosmetic standpoint, digital acuity charts are more appealing than projected charts. They convey the message that your practice is up-to-date with services that are top of line.

From a functional standpoint, digital acuity charts have bright, high-contrast displays making the optotypes crisp with A+ acuity. Moreover, digital acuity charts allow providers a larger range of optotypes, including letters, numbers, and symbols, the latter serving as a real bonus for children. The ClearChart 2 also displays special charts used to perform contrast sensitivity testing, astigmatic checks, and suppression checks, all of which can be easily accessed with the remote control.

Having used a few other digital systems, I knew one of the simplest but most important features I was looking for was an easy-to-use remote control. The ClearChart 2 has an infrared remote that works from anywhere in the exam lane, allowing you to easily change optotype size, display, or exam mode.

The layout of the keypad is intuitive with acuity level displayed in descending size. Of particular note: the “random” key which quickly randomizes the optotypes displayed, negating the potential for patient memorization of the presented line.

The ClearChart 2 has several optotypes including a 17-letter set, eight-letter set, Sloan, HOTV, Landolt C, Landolt C and O, tumbling E, Allen Symbols, and Kolt-like symbols. You can also access 17 patient education slides and a cartoon loop to facilitate pediatric fixation. It’s possible, too, to import up to 13 additional image files and four additional video files.

Because the unit is easily mounted on a wall bracket, it can be calibrated for shorter exam lanes. It has a high-resolution 19-in. LED backlit display which operates with Linux software and does not require additional components.

The system integrates seamlessly with my Reichert Auto Phoroptor RS””another plus. The communication between the units is bi-directional, meaning you can control the chart presentation with either the ClearChart 2 remote or the scroll wheel on the Auto Phoroptor.

Incorporating state-of-the art technology makes sense from a functional and economic standpoint. The system not only significantly speeded up my exam time, but patients have been impressed by the technology. Our improved efficiency has resulted in a greater revenue stream and improved patient satisfaction.

Julie Grove is the owner of 21 North Eyecare in Valparaiso, IN.


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