Facebook has made some significant updates to the site in the past year and is expected to launch more features, giving us new ways to interact with our networks. As a business, you can expect some of these features to change how you use the site. Most changes will be for t
he benefit of your practice, however, you must comply with Facebook’s policies to ensure your page does not risk being shut down. With over 800 million active users on Facebook, these policies are difficult to enforce, but it is advised that you comply as to protect what you’ve spent time and energy building.

Most importantly, you should know there are specific guidelines regarding how you execute promotions on your page. If you’re not executing correctly, you could be in violation of Facebook’s rules.

Refer to Facebook’s Page Guidelines that can be found at for specifics, but here’s a summary.

1. You must use a third-party Facebook page application to run your promotion.
2. You must release Facebook in terms and conditions of the promotion.
3. You must not condition registration or winning upon the user taking any action on Facebook, or collect information or notify winners via Facebook.

You can use Facebook to spread the word, but you will need to execute promotions on your own blog, Web site, or via a third-party application. Doing so removes Facebook from the promotion and adheres to the terms of use.

Every page has “Report This Photo” and “Report This Page” links that your followers, and perhaps competitors, can use to alert Facebook that if you are not compliant with the Promotion Guidelines. If Facebook finds you are in violation of its rules, it can shut down your page. Don’t risk it!

This information should not deter you from using Facebook as a marketing tool for your practice. Rather, it should encourage you to spend more time creating meaningful interactions with your patients and building relationships. Build trust, establish relationships, and your network will grow!

Jessica Clark is an eight-year marketing veteran in the optical industry with a recent focus on social media.

Jessica Clark


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