One of the best features of Marco’s XRefraction system is the ability to store a patient’s previous prescription, autorefraction prescription, and manifest prescription.

“Patients appreciate the ease and speed of Marco’s XRefraction System and are much more confident with their responses. I am also able to spend more time with my patients since I spend less time determining their eyeglass prescription.”

          -John Warren, OD, Warren Eye Care
Racine, WA

“One of the best aspects of the automation around refraction with the TRS-OPDIII system is the opportunity for integration of clinical testing data with EHR.”

              -Ben Gaddie, Gaddie Eye Centers
Louisville, KY

Wow your patients with the technologically savvy Marco XRefraction System.

While I was in optometry school, learning to refract was the easy part. Diagnosing disease was what I was more interested in, and I believed that that was what would separate me from other ECPs. The reality is that 80% of our patients see us primarily to get fitted for glasses and contact lenses, not to check for ocular disease. It’s only when they come for the former that we can diagnose the latter. Therefore, our chance to make an impression starts with the refraction.

While I was reluctant to believe that the Marco XRefraction System made much of a difference to the overall refraction experience, I soon became a believer when I was able to access all the functions and testing cards of a traditional phoropter with a touch of a button. The NRA/PRA test, duochrome test, letter acuity chart, number acuity chart, picture acuity chart. You name it, it’s all there””no more storing testing cards and picture slides somewhere in your drawer.

It’s nice, too, when an easy-to-operate machine impresses your patients. Most of ours are pleasantly surprised””and amazed”” they don’t have to read letters from a wall. Another benefit: the projector box saves a lot of room as it appears to project the image 20 ft. away but sits less than 3 ft. from where the patient is sitting.

The depth perception testing is another plus. How often does a patient tell you he doesn’t notice any changes in his current prescription, but after refraction, finds his nearsightedness has increased along with his astigmatism correction? One of the best features of the XRefraction is the ability to store a patient’s previous prescription, autorefraction prescription, and manifest prescription all at the same time. This allows her to see her previous prescription and immediately compare it to the new prescription.

Another feature of value is the glare test. Many of our more mature patients have difficulty with driving due to cataracts. The glare test shows them how they’ll see with their prescription which gives them a more realistic expectation and cuts down on complaints that their glasses failed to deliver.

Happier patients equal a happier practice. In fact, I now hear on many occasions how fun their visits are and how they plan on referring us to their friends.

Technology is constantly evolving, and so is optometry. In order to stand apart from your colleagues, one must offer an exceptional and memorable exam room experience using more efficient, more advanced instrumentation. Add the Marco XRefraction System to your practice and watch it practically do the work for you.

Huong Le is in private practice at Rothbloom Eye Care in Smyrna, GA.


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