Pulsair intelliPuff’s soft, quiet puff meets the criteria for patient comfort.

Keeler’s portable tonometer embodies electronic and optical technology for speed, accuracy, and ease of use.

Air puff tonometry has been around for more than four decades and has undergone many changes from the first product designs. Many doctors can recall those initial tonometers that produced a huge puff of air coupled with a rifle-like sound, inevitably causing the head of the patient to snap back in surprise at the abruptness. The newer technologies certainly have improved upon these earlier versions. One of the latest designs is Keeler Instruments, Inc.’s Pulsair intelliPuff®.


Pulsair IntelliPuff still uses the same basic, and proven, concept to measure intraocular pressure (IOP). The cornea is flexed by the puff of air. The force required to produce the flexing effect of the cornea is correlated to the IOP. This air puff technique requires directing a calibrated packet of air towards the central portion of the cornea. Detection of the pre-defined deformation of the cornea through optical means and reflections from the corneal surface can then be converted into an accurate IOP.

One of the major benefits of the fifth-generation Pulsair intelliPuff is its portability and spacing-saving design. This handheld instrument can be wall mounted, allowing it to blend seamlessly into any clinical environment. The design’s openness has the power to increase the confidence of both patient and clinician. The intelliPuff was even used exclusively in the Special Olympics because the athletes didn’t like anything touching their eyes.

A desktop model is available that can save considerable space as well.

The intelliPuff tonometer uses advanced optical and sensor technology for positional detection and puff control. Its very soft, quiet puff certainly meets the criteria for patient comfort. LEDs are used as the instrument’s firing mechanism—unlike other models that use standard bulbs which degrade over time and make the product harder to use. Especially convenient for busy offices is the fact that there are virtual no consumables with LED technology, thereby cutting down on practice costs.

Pulsair intelliPuff also features software controls to manage the measurement data; if two consecutive readings are within +/- 1mmHg of each other, the tonometer will inform the user that sufficient readings may have been taken for that eye, saving precious time and further increasing patient comfort.

With all its features, the Pulsair intelliPuff tonometer has many advantages over older models as an efficient screening device for the measurement of IOP.

Steve Silberberg is in private group practice in central New Jersey and writes and lectures frequently on advanced technology and its use in eyecare.


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