The world of contact lenses is moving quickly toward daily disposables. While that’s beneficial to patients””better compliance, better comfort””it has even greater benefits for the ECP. One is that it’s an easier way to sell annual supplies of contact lenses. Annual sales lead to an improved cash flow since the money for the lenses is collected upfront; it provides less work for the staff since they only have to process the order once, not repeatedly throughout the year; and it helps to ensure the patient returns the following year for an exam and to place another annual order.

There’s one obstacle: Convincing your patient that daily, or any, disposables are right for them. The costs can seem prohibitive, but I’ve found a way to increase the dispensing of dailies in my practice.

1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST Brand Contact Lenses from
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care offers daily comfort
and the convenience of an annual supply.

I had always been skeptical about the cost of daily disposables and was subconsciously reluctant to fit them because patients would scoff at the price difference. I found it hard to not sound patronizing or pretentious about how one-day lens options are better for the health of our eyes.

But after years of dancing around dailies, and numerous talks with my rep, the unilateral pricing policy (UPP) replaced the complicated mail-in rebates with built-in savings. The change made prices more transparent and easier to understand””for both myself and my patients. So I set out to increase my office’s use of daily disposables and this has made an enormous difference in my practice. In fact, my current daily disposables are 70% this year compared to 26% in 2014. How I achieved this was by showing patients how contact lenses can actually be cost effective.

My first step was to find out what the real “apples-to-apples” cost was for contact lens use for a year. I purchased all the solution brands I recommend and followed the manufacturer’s directions for use to find my answer of about $175 annually.

Next, I created a pricing illustration customized to each patient, including their insurance benefit, to help them understand the annual cost difference between two modalities. Take, for example, ACUVUE OASYS Brand
Contact Lenses (two-week) and 1-DAY ACUVUE MOIST Brand Contact Lenses. After considering the built-in savings vs. currently available pricing based on Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.’s UPP Policy, the price difference between the two modalities was $55 a year, or 15 cents per day.

Finally, I send patients home with two-week lenses and a 10-day supply of daily disposables. My thinking is, if I give them two great options, I can feel comfortable with their ultimate choice. The key is not to solely push one-day lenses but to educate and provide patients with healthy lens options for their lifestyle.

Regardless of which lens the patient ultimately chooses, I suggest you promote an annual supply because of the additional cost savings to ship this free to their home. Plus, there’s no need to place an additional order during the year””the patient can simply reorder at their next annual eye exam.

As health care providers, our goal is to help people have quality eyecare, and the more patients we help will eventually convert into dollars. This has a universal appeal for my staff and our patients sense it! You can’t go wrong if you follow this philosophy when promoting annual supplies of any modality. And you may even make daily disposables a reality for 70% of your patients too!

Mason Wybrow is the owner of Elevation Eyeworks in Centerville, UT.


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