J&J Vision Launches New Digital Platform
Johnson & Johnson Vision announced the U.S. launch of, a digital platform that delivers online learning, patient education materials, practice resources and connected commerce. is a single destination offering in-office support for eyecare professionals in managing the diverse needs of their practices, including a connected commerce site to order ACUVUE Brand Contact Lenses and request direct shipping to patients, online education for ECPs and paraprofessionals; instructional videos and other downloadable education materials, and downloadable images and marketing materials for the practice. For more information and to register for access, visit

New Alliance Promotes Patient Safety, Transparency
The newly launched Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety, a collaboration between eye health advocates, innovators, and members of the eye health community, will:
• Work with patients, policymakers, and regulators to deliver transparent and factual information regarding eye health products, procedures, technology, and safety.
• Support laws, regulations, increased enforcement, and other public policy solutions designed to safeguard public health.
• Make patients, legislators, and regulators aware of the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and existing and potential threats to patients’ eye health and safety.
The American Optometric Association and Johnson & Johnson Vision joined the Alliance as Leadership and Charter members. CooperVision, Inc. joined as an Associate and Charter member.

DigitalOptometrics LLC introduced Tele-Optometry, its remote comprehensive eye health exam system. The system lets you perform comprehensive eye examinations at all your locations from remote sites by combining proprietary software from DigitalOptometrics, remotely operated equipment, high-definition video conferencing and Internet accessibility. Tele-Optometry includes a complete vision analysis, gathering of ocular and physical health histories, subjective visual findings to determine an accurate prescription for vision correction and an evaluation of current eye health, including a glaucoma screening test. Call 877.506.0002, email, or go to

Eyefinity launched its Eyefinity Kiosk application, which lets new patients enter their information via an iPad in the waiting room. Patients access the “electronic clipboard” by entering their last name and date of birth and then securely and efficiently enter their personal information and health history, sign consent forms, and select their pharmacy via Google Maps. This data automatically populates in the electronic health record. Call 800.269.3666, email or go to

Using the new Crystal TEAR Report, the OCULUS Keratograph 5M corneal topographer walks you through a comprehensive dry eye analysis, lets you manually enter your dosage recommendations for individual treatments and summarizes all results in a printout that can also be used for patient education. The printout includes your personal logo, an easy-to-understand color-coded pie chart, explanations of abbreviations and technical terms, comprehensible presentation of individual measurements and their results, explanation of the treatment goal along with the necessary therapeutic steps and space for the doctor’s personal recommendation. Call 888.284.8004, email or go to

CooperVision, Inc. announced the addition of plus powers to its MyDay Toric contact lens. The expanded parameters, which include +0.50DS to +6.00DS in 0.50D steps, will be available this month. Call 800.341.2020, or visit

New Web App Lets Staff Transfer Patient Forms
Vision Wholesale Club, LLC released Vision e-Forms (VeF) the app, a web application that allows ECPs’ staff and patients to easily access and transfer specific patient forms. Offices that use VeF will be able to ascertain medical and optical insurance information, lifestyle activities, contact lens wearing patterns such as daily or overnight wear, and optical preferences such as photochromic lenses. VeF provides each office and each doctor with his or her own VeF Dashboard. Utilizing the dashboard, the office sends patients a text directly to their smartphones. Patients then click onto the VeF link and can immediately start filling out the data that is being requested. For instructional videos and to register, go to

App Sends Personalized Content To Patients’ Smartphones
Compulink Business Systems, Inc. has enhanced Eyecare Advantage with a mobile Patient Engagement app that lets you send personalized content to patients’ phones via text message. Content can be targeted based on a patient’s appointment type and diagnosis, and you can use the app to market products and services and deliver patient education. You can also send surveys to a patient’s phone, and the feedback collected is automatically brought back into Advantage for analysis. For more information, visit

Cleinman Performance Partners To Host National Conferences
Cleinman Performance Partners will host three Business of Eyecare Forum National Conferences in 2018:
• The National Eyecare Facilities Conference, May 16 and 17, St. Louis. This conference is intended for ECPs who plan to invest in a new facility. Topics include site selection, project planning, financing, marketing, contractor relations and design.
• The National Practice Transitions Conference, October 11, Chicago. The workshop will take participants from start to finish on how to transition ownership, from both a seller and buyer perspective. Topics include preparing your practice for transition, valuation, transaction, design, financing, tax implications, documentation, negotiations and communications.
• The Exiting Vision Plans Conference, November 1, Chicago. The conference will explore the means and methodology of eliminating reliance upon Vision Plans. Topics include brand-building, economics, negotiations, maximizing vision plan profit contribution and how to exit.
For information, call 607.431.1001, email:, or go to

Emilio H. Balius, OD, who was born in Cuba and has been in private practice in Florida for the past 25 years, became the first Hispanic president to lead SECO International at the organization’s meeting in Atlanta last month.

EyeGate Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has submitted an amended Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a pilot study of its EyeGate Ocular Bandage Gel (EyeGate OBG) for accelerating re-epithelialization of large corneal epithelial defects in patients who have undergone photorefractive keratectomy.

U.S. Vision and its affiliate, Nationwide Vision, selected MaximEyes EHR by First Insight Corporation as its new electronic health record partner for 600-plus locations.

pSivida Corp. announced that its New Drug Application for its Durasert three-year treatment for posterior segment uveitis has been accepted by the FDA for filing.

Vitamin Science launched a new dry eye nutritional formula, Dr. Krawitz Dry Eye Support, which contains 1,000mg triglyceride omega-3 fish oil from Alaskan pollack to promote healthy tear production; phytosterols, the lipid-soluble molecules formed by the meibomian glands, to support the outer oily layer of tears; and curcuminoids from natural turmeric root, flaxseed oil and gamma linolenic acid from black currant seed oil to provide long-lasting, soothing relief.


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