Pinterest is an amazing tool for your practice to help create a story about your services, patients, and culture. Consider these tips and get yourself on the board!

1. The Perfect Mix.
Compose the right mix of pins so that your “boards” are interesting and elicit a clear picture of your services, target market, personality, and useful information. A good rule of thumb for creating the right mix of pins would be 80% motivational, beautiful, instructional, or educational pins, and 20% about your practice specifically.

2. Buzz. Create excitement for events and rev up your audience’s anticipation of a new product or service launch by dedicating a board to it. Pin information about the event, or features and benefits of the new product/service, suggested audiences and uses, and special deals. Showcase photos of your patients at the event, or use the products or services you provide to create “social proof.” Potential patients will see these pins and think, “If it works for them, it will work for me.” Social proof can drive sales of new products or services.

3. Cover Appeal.
Visitors will give your boards only a short glance before deciding whether to engage with you more, so be sure your pins draw them in for more. Pins that are interesting, funny, beautiful, or unique stand a better chance of getting re-pinned. Photos that evoke emotion, tell a story, or communicate a clear message make great pins.

4. Be True to You. Think about boards that would speak to the obvious themes, subjects, areas of interest, and issues that are important to your patients and potential patients. Many of your boards will fit into this category since topics of interest are what you want to focus on to draw visitors to your boards. This can also include ideas that aren’t spot-on with your business but are related in some way.

As with all social media, focusing your effort on posting content that crafts an accurate and powerful picture of who you are makes users want to engage with you. That desire to learn more will drive traffic to your website and into your practice.

Jessica Clark is an eight-year marketing veteran in the optical industry. Email her at



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