The Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 is
part of the Zeiss Glaucoma Suite.

The Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 from Zeiss streamlines workflow and elevates standards in field vision testing.

It’s a wonderful time to be an eyecare provider! There have been more advances in technology in the last 20 years than we have seen in all of the years prior. One of the gold standards in eyecare for glaucoma has been, and continues to be, perimetry. Most of us who are old enough had one of the original Humphrey’ field analyzers from 1984. We then saw the development of STATPACâ„¢, followed by FASTPAC, SWAP, and gaze tracking. We were thrilled when Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm (SITAâ„¢) was released followed by SITA-SWAP. Next, the development of Guided Progression Analysisâ„¢ (GPAâ„¢) allowed use of computer algorithms to help us to determine progression which, when utilized in conjunction with the new HFA-CIRRUS Combined Report, brings us to the latest development in perimetry: the Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 (HFA3).

The HFA3 combines everything you’ve always valued in a Humphrey. Its modern platform is easier and more intuitive to operate. The automatic Liquid Trial Lensâ„¢ reduces patient setup time by automatically adjusting to the patient’s refractive or in the range of -8.00D to +8.00D. The result is a reduced chance of error when selecting a lens during test set up. The Liquid Trial Lens is only available on Model 860.

A new color graphic SmartTouchâ„¢ interface includes instructions to read to the patient for clinical testing consistency and best practices compliance, and makes it easier for new technicians.

The RelEYEâ„¢ video capture feature presents an image of the patient’s eye at every stimulus presentation during a SITA Standard Test (Models 860 and 850).

Gaze tracking has been used on the classic HFA as a key measure to determine test reliability. On the HFA3, gaze tracking initializes faster and on more patients.

Other key features include full backward compatibility with earlier HFA models and test data, a Windows-based operating system, DICOM connectivity, and EMR compatibility.


“Since our office upgraded to the HFA3, one of my favorite new features is the GPA summary. This convenient tool allows the clinician to visualize a great deal of data quickly, while also serving as a useful visual aid for patients to demonstrate stability or progression of their condition.”

“”Nicholas A. Froumis, OD, Sunnyvale, CA

The HFA3 functions with all of the features mentioned earlier, such as STATPAC, SITA, and GPA. Plus, it works seamlessly with FORUM image management system. This allows patients to better understand their disease and the effect their compliance has on the progression or stability of their condition. It is a wonderful addition to the technology our patients have come to expect in today’s environment.

April Jasper is in private practice in West Palm Beach, FL.


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