Gaynor Fries has been appointed executive director of OWL: Advancing Diversity in Leadership, an organization dedicated to “driving innovation and patient care by advancing diversity in eyecare leadership.” She brings more than 25 years of experience as an administrator and management consultant. Fries has a BA in Business Administration and a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University. She has been a key part of the support team behind OWL since July 2015.

“I am honored to be stepping into a leadership role with OWL and look forward to working more closely with the board to fulfill OWL’s mission,” said Fries. “It is somewhat fitting that an organization devoted to advancing leadership is walking the walk, encouraging one of its own into a leadership role. I’m excited to guide OWL through the next stage in its development.”

OWL president Georgette Pascale said, “We are so thankful for Gaynor ‘growing up with us’ here at OWL, where she has made a lasting difference. As executive director, her positive momentum and business savvy will help OWL progress toward our goal of advancing diversity on a global scale.”

This follows OWL’s Signature & Networking events during this year’s American Academy of Cataract & Refractive Surgery meeting in Washington, DC. The Signature event, which included panelists Jeffrey J. Kimbell, Jim Mazzo, Ahmet Tezel, PhD, and Ruth Williams, generated a crowd of more than 200 attendees. Overarching themes at the events included the importance of surrounding yourself with a diverse group of people, listening to a range of different of ideas, and taking risks to pursue one’s passions.


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