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POWER IT UP. The D-EYE from D-EYE S.r.l. is a portable ophthalmoscope which attaches to an Apple or Samsung smartphone, creating a retinal camera which can capture high-definition video and still images of the interior of the eye. Leveraging TreVia’s HIPAA-compliant cloud service, the data stored in the D-EYE ImageVault will now enable account set-up, workflow management, sharing and archiving D-EYE videos, still images, and corresponding data for telemedicine, thus increasing remote access to retinal evaluations for early diagnosis and treatment. For more information, contact D-Eye at 011-39-49-781-1860 or d-eyecare.com. B + L RELEASES EYE HEALTH GUMMIES. Ocuvite’ Eye Health Gummies for Adults offer patients a convenient alternative to capsules or tablets to support ocular health. The formula contains antioxidant Vitamins C and E and zinc at levels that provide the recommended daily intake and macular carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin at levels identified by ocular nutrition experts. For more information, contact Bausch + Lomb at 800-321-4576 or ocuvite.com. NOVABAY PHARMACETUTICALS INTRODUCES THE INTELLI-CASE. Only two million among the 24 million who use a disinfecting solution for their contact lenses choose a hydrogen peroxide-based solution. That’s because hydrogen peroxide can irritate eyes and be ineffective in killing bacteria if not used correctly. The intelli-Case monitors the neutralization of hydrogen peroxide during disinfection and alerts the wearer when their lenses are safe to put in. The standard-size lens case has three LED lights on the cap to signal UNSAFE, BUSY, AND READY. For more information, contact Novabay at 510-899-8800 or novabay.com. NIDEK LAUNCHES HANDYREF-K HANDYREF. The HandyRef-K / HandyRef is a portable Handheld Ref/Keratometer Handheld Refractometer that delivers accurate refraction and keratometry measurements. With “SynchroScan Technology,” measurements start when the alignment starts and locks in the data when alignment becomes optimal as a measurement value. Other features include pupil zone imaging method, a super luminescent diode, and a highly sensitive CCD. For pediatric patients, there is a melody function to ease anxiety, and a child-friendly fixation target. For more information, contact Marco at 800-874-5274 or marco.com.
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AMIGO HD MAGNIFIER IS PERFECT FOR PATIENTS ON THE GO. At 1.3 lbs., this 7-in. widescreen LCD HD magnifier from Enhanced Vision provides clear images whether it’s placed directly on reading material or held up to view an item at a distance. Features include autofocus and one-push manual focus for objects at a distance, adjustable magnification 1.4x to 25x, a rechargeable lithium ion battery with three to five hours of battery life, and image capture and save with capability to modify, pan, change viewing modes, and upload to PC. For more information, contact Enhanced Vision at 888-811-3161 or enhancedvision.com. SYNERGEYES DEBUTS ULTRAHEALTH FC. Second-generation hybrid lens, UltraHealth FC was designed to provide an additional contact lens choice for post-surgical, refractive error, and trauma. It features the same advanced technology, aspheric, hybrid lens design of UltraHealth hybrid contact lens, but with flatter base curves starting at 35.50D. High-Dk materials promote excellent ocular health and SoftCushion comfort technology enhances tear exchange and lens movement. Variable-lift design combined with a vaulted fitting philosophy allows for clearance of corneal irregularities in corneas with oblate surfaces. For more information, contact SynergEyes at 877-SEE-2012 or synergeyes.com/professional.

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