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BAUSCH + LOMB SOOTHES WHAT AILS YOU. Soothe Xtra Protection (XP) eyedrops with Restoryl’ offer patients a new way to address dry eye symptoms. This product replenishes the lipid layer of the tear film with its unique emulsion system which features a proprietary blend of mineral oils and interfacial molecules. For more information, contact Bausch + Lomb at 800-828-9030 or bausch.com or at Vision Expo West #MS12030.  KONAN FLEXES ITS APP MUSCLE. Created for ophthalmology, optometry, clinical trials, and other medical uses, the Chart2020 DUP iPad app from Konan Medical gives ECPs the tools they need to adjust visual acuity test parameters from 33 cm (14 in) to 6 m (20 ft). The gesture-driven test displays acuity lines, single letters, and full charts including smart randomization and reverse contrast on retina display iPad devices. For more information, contact Konan Medical USA, Inc. at 949-521-7730 or konan-usa.com or at Vision Expo West #MS4043. 
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ALCON GETS SOME AIR. Available in nine colors, Alcon’s new AIR OPTIX Colors Contact Lenses offer patients a comfortable and stylish new set of options. These color contact lenses employ three-in-one color technology in a silicone hydrogel lens, and are the first monthly-replacement, daily-wear color lenses available in the U.S. on that platform. For more information, contact Alcon Laboratories, Inc. at 800-451-3937 or alcon.com or at Vision Expo West #MS13053.  CLIRADEX PUTS A LID ON IT. Including a formulation for in-office application by an ECP as well as a carton of Cliradex lid wipes for patients to use for at-home maintenance, the Cliradex Complete Advanced Lid Hygiene Kit from Bio-Tissue is effective and preservative free. The in-office formulation offers a stronger concentration for professional, deep cleaning of lid margin debris. For more information, contact Bio-Tissue at 888-296-8858 or biotissue.com or at Vision Expo West #MS3046. 

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