BLANCHARD FINDS THE RIGHT FIT. Offering the comfort that is generally associated with soft lenses, Onefit P+A (Prolate and Astigmatism) is a mini-scleral lens designed to vault over corneas with a normal prolate profile or astigmatism, post grafts (prolate pattern), or moderately irregular corneas such as emergent or fruste keratoconus. It’s offered in diameters of 13.8mm to14.3mm (standard) and 14.6mm at any power. For more information, contact Blanchard Contact Lens, Inc. at 800-929-1431 ext. 1007 or blanchardlab.com.

VMAX GIVES VOICE TO ITS NEWEST PRODUCT. The Vmax Vision Point Spread Function (PSF) Refractor™ offers practitioners time saving, voice-guided instructional software. This optical innovation enables patients to more easily make their way through refraction tests, provides audible guidance, and offers consistent testing quality. With the simple touch of a button, practitioners can get patients started quickly and easily. This refractor also includes a nighttime vision test. For more information, contact Vmax Vision at 800-929-1431 ext. 1037 or vmaxvision.com.

ZEAVISION MAKES A NEW PROMISE. The EyePromise® Zeaxanthin + Lutein Macular Pigment Formula makes it easier for patients to manage their macular health with all-natural ingredients. The product includes 10mg of dietary zeaxanthin and 10mg of lutein to increase macular pigment density. Dense macular pigment protects like “internal sunglasses” and blocks harmful blue light that can damage eyes, according to the company. For more information, contact ZeaVision LLC at 800-929-1431 ext. 1040 or zeavision.com.

GOING THE DISTANCE WITH COOPERVISION. With the launch of Proclear® 1 day multifocal daily disposable contact lenses, presbyopic patients can enjoy vastly improved vision at all distances. The daily disposables also address age-related dryness. They are manufactured with PC Technology, a lens material that attracts and maintains moisture, thus reducing dryness. The lenses feature sphere powers from +6.00D to -10.00D; a base curve of 8.7mm; and a diameter of 14.2mm. For more information, contact CooperVision, Inc. at 800-929-1431 ext. 1010 or coopervision.com.


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