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ALDEN CHANNELS ITS INNER ZEN. The new mini-scleral design from Alden Optical, Zenlensâ„¢, offers 16mm and 17mm diameters, each available in prolate and oblate designs. This product employs Alden’s Smart Curveâ„¢ design, which compensates for discrete parameter adjustments while preserving the remaining optimized parameter values. Two diameters and two profiles allow this set to actually be considered four mini-sets, and the Smart Curve ensures that only the parameter needing refinement changes. For more information, contact Alden Optical, Inc., at 800-253-3669 or aldenoptical.com. COOPERVISION TAKES CL APPS TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Whether patients are looking for information about eye conditions, new contact lenses, a nearby ECP, or just need a reminder that it’s time to replace their current contact lenses, the new mobile app from CooperVision can get the job done. This application can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or at coopervision.com/consumer-mobile-app. For more information, contact CooperVision, Inc., at 800-341-2020 or coopervision.com.
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TOPCON WATCHES ITS IMAGE. The DICOM compliant IMAGEnet 5 Digital Imaging System from Topcon gives ECPs a software for ophthalmic imaging that’s capable of acquiring, displaying, enhancing, analyzing, and saving digital images obtained by Topcon photographic devices, including mydriatic and non-mydriatic retinal cameras and photo slit lamps. The DICOM compatibility of IMAGEnet 5 enables the device to be used in a range of environments and with a variety of EMR systems. For more information, contact Topcon Medical Systems, Inc., at 800-223-1130 or topconmedical.com. THE VISION CARE INSTITUTE EMBRACES UV EDUCATION. Created to help ECPs educate patients about the causes and effects of UV exposure, the Vision Care Institute recently released its UV Protection App. The app is intended to help ECPs communicate with patients about topics including who needs protection, the cumulative effects of UV rays on the eyes, the impact of environmental exposure to the eyes throughout the day, and steps to take for protection against harmful UV radiation. For more information, contact The Vision Care Instituteâ„¢ of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc., at 800-874-5278 or thevisioncareinstitute.com.

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