The new autorefractor/keratometer (Model No. HRK-8000A) from Coburn Technologies features a unique wavefront technology algorithm that both measures the basic refraction error of a patient and obtains a spatially resolved refraction map. In addition, the device has a contact lens fitting function feature, which offers automatic calculations and recommendations after analyzing and simulating lens fittings. For more information, contact Coburn Technologies at 800-262-8761 or coburntechnologies.com.

ESCHENBACH REFRESHES LIBERTY SCHOLAR 2. A new camera and camera mounting system make the Liberty Scholar 2 even more effective than before. Usable for both near and distance applications, the portable video magnifier weighs in at just 6.6 lbs., and measures 9.9 in. x 11.8 in. x 2.4 in. For more information, contact Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. at 800-487-5389 or eschenbach.com.

VMAX VISION TAKES THE REFRACTION LANE. Reducing the refraction lane by a third, the newly introduced PSF Integra™ offers an effective distance of 20 ft., eliminating the need for practices to have a 16- to 20-ft. lane. The product adds extra efficacy and productivity to users of the PSF Refractor, allowing ECPs to greatly increase their working capacity (and therefore revenue) without needing more space. For more information, contact Vmax Vision at 321-972-1823 or vmaxvision.com.

GULDEN RAISES THE ‘BAR.’ The Large Neutral Density (LND) Bar from Gulden Ophthalmics offers 1½ in. square filters with an expanded field of view and easy-to-use handle. Used in conjunction with the “Swinging Flashlight” test, the LND Bar is instrumental in detecting and measuring the depth of afferent conduction defects and helps with reliable detecting, checking, and monitoring the condition’s progress. The bar is 12 in. long by 2⅛ in. wide and is made with high-grade, optically clear plastic. For more information, contact Gulden Ophthalmics at 800-659-2250 or guldenophthalmics.com.

BAUSCH + LOMB MEETS ITS MATCH. The new, patented PreserVision® AREDS2 Formula eye vitamin and mineral supplement, a soft gel, offers an exact match to the updated formula based on the latest clinical evidence from the National Eye Institute (NEI) Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2). The reformulated product began shipping less than three months from the release of new AREDS2 data from the National Eye Institute. For more information, contact Bausch + Lomb at 800-828-9030 or bausch.com.

MEDINICHE BATS ITS LASHES. Targeted to ECPs, Lash Advance® eyelash enhancing gel offers patients a natural, non-Rx way to achieve healthier lashes and brows. This gel hydrates, improves flexibility, and minimizes breakage, helping lashes return to a healthy state in as little as two weeks. For more information, contact MediNiche at 314-542-9539 or mediniche.com.

TECH OPTICS USES ITS POWERS. The new Task Vision High Power +4.00D, +5.00D, and +6.00D reading glasses with Aspheric lens designs offer a wider field of view and improved peripheral vision. Ideal for hobbyists, these thinner, lighter lenses are available in classic unisex acrylic, alloy, contemporary, and half-eye frame designs, all with spring hinges. For more information, contact Tech Optics at 800-678-0002 or techopticsinternational.com.

REVOLUTIONEHR GOES MOBILE. Fully HIPAA-compliant, MyRev is the first application for smartphones from RevolutionEHR. The mobile app employs the same encrypted protocols as the full RevolutionEHR software, giving ECPs access to patient information even when they’re on the go. For more information, contact RevolutionEHR at 866-261-0688 or revolutionehr.com.


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