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MACULOGIX IS NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK. With AdaptDxâ„¢, practitioners have a new research tool for retinal-health investigations and clinical-trial endpoint for development of ocular drugs. This dark adaptometer offers bleaching and stimulus wavelengths of 500nm each, with bleaching levels of 0 to 400 scot lx sec (0% to 80% effective bleach). Clinical studies involving more than 1,000 patients have occurred at research centers including Harvard University, the National Eye Institute, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Additional studies are ongoing. For more information, contact MacuLogix, Inc. at 717-583-1220 or maculogix.com, or at Vision Expo East, #MS6314. X-CEL FLEXES ITS’ SOFTER SIDE. The Flexlens ARC (Atypical Refractive Correction) custom soft lens is the latest addition to the company’s offerings of irregular cornea designs. According to X-Cel, it fits like a regular toric contact lens, and features a standard back-surface fitting curve, precise axis, cylinder, and an enhanced center thickness to stabilize the correction over an aberrated cornea. Flexlens ARC contributes to the correction of certain ocular conditions including keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, corneal transplants, post-refractive surgery, and other irregular cornea conditions. For more information, contact X-Cel at 800-241-9312 or xcelcontacts.com, or at Vision Expo East, #MS6851.
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BRIOT’S VISIONIX CATCHES A WAVE. The VX 35, from Visionix, is a wavefront-based lensometer with a 130-point simultaneous measurement. This instrument is built with patented Visionix Power Map technology, allowing it to offer rapid, accurate measurements. Its green-light measurement optimizes accuracy, regardless of the lens type, and it employs the same measuring approach for both Rx and UV transmission. Features include a wide range of measurement for all lens types, automatic detection of progressives, an integrated thermal printer, PD measurement, and a contact lens mode. For more information, contact Briot USA at 800-292-7468 or briot.com/usa, or at Vision Expo East, #LP7255. TOPCON LOOKS IN THE MIRROR. Giving practitioners an opportunity to maximize exam space, the MC-4S mirror chart simulates a 20-ft. lane in a 2- to 5-ft. range. It features a high-resolution, polarized LCD (with all common visual acuity charts) and the ability to show 3D movies as well as the effects of polarization on a patient’s glasses, and can be linked to the company’s CV-5000S Vision Tester and EXAM-5000 Refraction System through the KB-50 One-Dial Controller. For more information, contact Topcon Medical Systems, Inc. at 800-223-1130 or topconmedical.com, or at Vision Expo East, #MS6725.
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GULDEN MULTITASKS WITH A NEW TOOL. The Bishop Dual Prism Alignment system, which helps practitioners measure large angle strabismus prior to correction, offers users the ability to position with one hand. Two base-in or base-out prisms stay in place via magnetic fixation to a metal plate with a ferrous surface. Helping to eliminate measurement errors, this tool was developed by John E. Bishop, MD, and is also suitable for patients with trial frames. A portion of each sale of the Bishop tool is donated to the Children’s Eye Foundation. For more information, contact Gulden Ophthalmics at 800-659-2250 or guldenophthalmics.com. OPTISOURCE HAS A RESOLUTION. With OptiSource’s new universal camera-phone adapter, practitioners can now obtain, store, and share high-resolution images using their smartphones. This will save their practices’ time and money without sacrificing quality. In order for the adapter to function properly, the phone’s camera must have five megapixels or more and be used in a space with optimal illumination. For more information, contact OptiSource International at 800-OPTISOURCE or 1800-optisource.com, or at Vision Expo East, #LP7548.



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