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GULDEN MEASURES UP WITH METAL. The new Gulden distometer set, which includes an all-metal distometer, gives practitioners an accurate option for measuring the distance between a patient’s cornea and the lenses in eyeglasses or trial lenses. The distometer is easy to use and permits straightforward conversion calculations, and the circular conversion calculator allows for quick and accurate new corrections. The complete set includes the distometer, the circular conversion calculator, and instructions for use. For more information, contact Gulden Ophthalmics at 800-659-2250 or guldenophthalmics.com. ALCON AND PATIENTS SEE “˜EYE2EYE.’ Fitting multifocals and toric contact lenses just got easier with the step-by-step process laid out in Alcon’s eye2eyeâ„¢ app. This application features a user-friendly contact lens finder and utilizes individual patients’ refractions to recommend the right contact lens options. On-screen forms also allow ECPs to convert spectacle refraction into initial contact lens power and view comprehensive lens parameters. For more information, contact Alcon Laboratories, Inc. at 800-451-3937 or alcon.com BAUSCH + LOMB “˜SEALS’ THE DEAL. After several years in development, Bausch + Lomb has introduced its ULTRAâ„¢ contact lens with MoistureSealâ„¢ technology. This new monthly replacement silicone hydrogel contact lens employs a new manufacturing process enabling it to offer all-day comfort. For more information, contact Bausch + Lomb at 800-828-9030 or bausch.com.
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ENHANCED VISION GOES BIG. With Merlin Ultra, a new line of electronic magnifiers, patients who struggle with low vision can consume content with ease and comfort. Results include a crisp, clear display brought on by the camera’s cutting-edge, high-definition color and contrast, with text and image magnification of up to 80x. A flexible tray makes it easy for users to position reading materials. Screen sizes include 20 in., 22 in., or 24 in. For more information, contact Enhanced Vision at 888-811-3161 or enhancedvision.com. MACULAR HEALTH HAS A DOUBLE WHAMMY. MacuStripâ„¢ Premier, a new Oral Thin Film (OTF), and MacuSprayâ„¢, a recently released Intra-Oral Spray, offer patients a solution for battling age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and the onset of vision loss. By transporting the essential ingredients by way of the blood stream, they eliminate the need to swallow a pill, curb stomach irritation, and offer a higher absorption rating than commonly used delivery methods like capsules or transdermal patches. For more information, contact Macular Health at 800-980-6551 or macularhealth.com. OCUSOFT LASHES OUT. Available through the company’s skin care division, Zoriaâ„¢ Boostâ„¢ Lash Intensifying Serum from OCuSOFT maximizes eyelash growth by naturally enhancing and supporting the growth cycle itself. The drug-free formula is available to ECPs without a prescription, and the line also includes mascara, makeup remover, and facial skin cleanser. For more information, contact OCuSOFT, Inc. at 800-233-5469 or ocusoft.com.
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TECH OPTICS INTERNATIONAL STANDS UP. The bright, flicker-free low-heat bulb of Task-Vision LED Hand and Stand magnifiers lasts 10,000 hours and its AAA batteries last even longer. Even illumination and a large on-and-off switch make these optical-quality aspheric lenses ideal for seniors and those with arthritic fingers. Available in +6.00D, +8.00D, +12.00D, +20.00D, +23.00D, +28.00D, +36.00D, +38.00D, +44.00D, and +50.00D. For more information, contact Tech Optics International at 800-678-4277 or techopticsinternational.com. ESCHENBACH TAKES MAGNIFICATION LIGHT AND SWEET. Offering the most up-to-date TFT display technology, the Crystal XL2 ASH-600-204 from Eschenbach is optimized for high reading speed. Patients need only use one hand to hold this 7-oz. video magnifier, which has sensible design features like accessible, easy-to-navigate buttons. The brighter-than-before display offers a higher level of scratch resistance, and images can be saved on the device and later uploaded onto a PC via a micro USB connector, which is included. For more information, contact Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. at 800-487-5389 or eschenbach.com.



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