Clear, bright, and portable, the Crystal LX offers a 4.3-in. active matrix organic (AMO) LED and is ideal for high-speed reading and user-friendly for single-handed use. The handheld device features a flip-out leg that makes reading and writing easier. With three magnification levels (3x, 4.5x, and 7x), several color modes, and a freeze-frame button, this lightweight magnifier fits in a pocket, purse, or can be worn around the neck. For more information, contact Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. at
800-487-5389 or eschenbach.com.

OCUSOFT DEFEATS DRY EYE. With Retaine® MGD™ Ophthalmic Emulsion, patients suffering from dry eye syndrome and meibomian gland dysfunction can experience some relief. This preservative-free, oil-in-water emulsion offers much needed moisture to moderate to severely dry eyes. The hypotonicity of the emulsion and lipid component enables this product to lower the salt concentration of tears as it protects and lubricates the eye’s surface. For more information, contact CYNACON/OCuSOFT, Inc. at 800-233-5469 or ocusoft.com.

EYEQUICK TAKES A SHOT. With its newly acquired FDA clearance, the EyeQuick™ Digital Ophthalmoscope Camera enables practitioners to document pathology anywhere and on anyone, regardless of age or physical limitations. The lightweight, portable ophthalmic retinal and anterior segment camera is user-friendly and features a built-in LCD screen and USB port. For more information, contact EyeQuick at 800-596-8335 or eyequick.com.

PEDIAVISION HITS THE SPOT. With the Spot vision screener, practitioners can assess the vision of children as young as six months in one second or less. Spot is WiFi enabled and handheld, and features a touch-screen interface for accurate and instant results. The device can facilitate large-scale data analysis, which is ideal for schools with regard to printing reports, monitoring follow-up care, and sharing important statistics. For more information, contact Pediavision at 888-514-7338 or pediavision.com.

MARCO UPS THE FUNDUS-CAMERA ANTE. The AFC-330 from Marco, in partnership with Nidek, recently received FDA clearance. This automated fundus camera offers increased speed, improved ease of use, and more versatility than earlier models. It provides a compact design, auto alignment on the X-Y-Z axis, lower flash intensity, and sound-dampening internal movements. The camera also has a wide range of automated features including auto stereo for glaucoma management. For more information, contact Marco at 800-874-5274 or marco.com.

Q-VISION EXTENDS SOFT CONTACT WEAR. With its Multi-Purpose Solution (MPS) and Rewetting Eye Drops, Kli:n Kare® is helping practitioners raise the bar for eyecare. The MPS disinfects, cleans, rinses, and stores daily and extended wear soft contact lenses, and comes in two bottle sizes or in disposable pillow packs. The Rewetting Eye Drops offer a sterile, preserved solution suitable for soft and rigid contact lenses. It’s available in a bottle, disposable droppers, or re-closable droppers. For more information, contact Q-Vision Optics, Inc. at 404-337-0122 or qvisionoptics.com.

EYESCIENCE OFFERS DIABETIC DEFENSE. Developed in response to the potential vision issues associated with diabetic retinopathy, Diabetic Vision Formula™ is a comprehensive, scientifically formulated ocular vitamin, according to the company. For those already living with diabetic eye disease, this vitamin targets the oxidative stress that often negatively impacts the blood vessel system in the eyes. For others, it serves as preventative protection. Ingredients include 11 different nutrients such as vitamin B-6, omega-3, niacin, lutein, alpha lipoic acid, cinnamon bark, bilberry, and grapeseed extract. For more information, contact EyeScience at 877-YE-VITA or eyescience.com.


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