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IRIS-INSPIRED DEFINE. Already the number-one beauty contact lens in Asia, the 1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINEâ„¢ with LACREON Technology has been introduced in a limited number of independent eye doctors’ offices in the U.S. The iris-inspired designs combine an outer darker limbal ring and an inner translucent light-effects pattern. Available in plano and vision correction ranges from +1.00D to -9.00D with a base curve of 8.50D and a14.2mm diameter, the lenses come in three styles to complement all eye colors. For more information, contact Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. at 800-843-2020 or ACUVUEProfessional.com PROCLEAR 1 DAY MULTIFOCAL NOW PACKS 90. CooperVision, Inc. has added a 90-pack configuration for Proclear 1 day multifocal daily disposable contact lenses. Having both 90- and 30-pack configurations available will allow eyecare professionals to more easily dispense Proclear 1 day multifocal lenses. Proclear 1 day uses exclusive PC Technologyâ„¢ to create the phosphorylcholine found in human eyes. For more information, contact CooperVision, Inc. at 800-341-2020 or coopervision.com. DRIVING AT NIGHT JUST GOT EASIER. Tech Optics International now offers Night Driving Glasses and Clip On’s. The glasses cut down on nighttime glare from headlights, street lights, and driving in rain and snow. The lenses have yellow UV filters that work to block out glare-causing blue light. Anti-glare and scratch-resistant, the Task-Vision Clip On’s attach to patients’ eyeglasses. The aviator-style frames feature spring temples. For more information, contact Tech Optics International at 800-678-0002 or techopticsinternational.com
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HANDS-FREE OR HANDS-ON MEASUREMENTS. The Gilras GRK-6000 autorefractor/keratometer from US Ophthalmic combines a host of functions in an easy-to-perform, pre-test environment. Features include an autotracking mechanism, ergonomic LCD monitor with tilt, multidirectional joystick, autoshot option, a locking lever, built-in printer, and automatic sleep mode. Technicians can take measurements either manually or with the auto-measure function. For more information, contact US Ophthalmic at 888-334-4640 or usophthalmic.com. QUANTIFEYE MPS II MACULAR PIGMENT SCREENER DEBUTS. ZeaVision, the parent company of EyePromise nutraceuticals, introduces the QuantifEye MPS II macular pigment screener that enables ECPs to measure a patient’s macular pigment optical density (MPOD). QuantifEye MPS II is the next generation in macular pigment measurement that will help identify patients with low MPOD, a key risk factor for age-related macular degeneration AMD). For more information, contact ZeaVision LLC at 866-833-2800 or zeavision.com. CLX UPGRADES CL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Opti-Port has released the latest version of its contact lens management system, CLX 2.0. The upgrade streamlines contact lens ordering and introduces a new inventory and return module, practice and doctor benchmarking reports, and national comparative pricing analysis. The updated CLX System not only simplifies contact lens ordering, inventory, and returns, but also provides robust reporting on key metrics. This reporting functionality can provide ECPS access to real-time data on which to continuously evaluate their contact lens businesses. For more information, contact Opti-Port at 314-743-0781 or optiport.com.
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READ IT LIKE IT IS. MagniLink Voice is a user-friendly reading machine from Eschenbach Optik. The user places the text under the light, presses the large orange button and, in a few seconds, MagniLink Voice begins to read the text read aloud. The user can adjust the reading speed, volume, audio profiles, voices, and light. Selectable audio profiles deliver superior speech vocalization. It also supports SAPI5 for use of additional voices from third-party suppliers. MagniLink Voice is available in a combination electric/battery version and an electric-only version. For more information, contact Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc., at 800-487-5389 or eschenbach.com. INCREASING THE VELOCITY OF YOUR PRACTICE. For eyecare professionals who value speed and simplicity, the Phoroptor VRx from Reichert is a digital refractor that delivers the shortest refraction in the market, according to the company. A one-knob press allows the user to quickly move through refraction steps. The easy-to-learn, intuitive interface lets the examiner instantly access different refraction options and quickly change operations to customize the refraction to the patient. Built-in Bluetooth provides fast communication with any pre-test equipment and EMR Reichert Captureâ„¢. For more information, contact Reichert Technologies at 716-686-4500 or reichert.com.

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