Lightweight package performs a variety of tests in minimal time.

From Stereo Optical Company Inc., the Optec Series Vision Screener allows staff to perform a multitude of prescreening tests in minimal time. The Optec models provide the ability to screen under a variety of conditions, including monocular, binocular, near, distance, and intermediate with no training or certification required.

The Optec series screeners offer a unique dual-lens system that allows for the patient to use her natural line of sight at 20 ft. for distance and 16 in. for near. The instrument is lightweight and portable, weighing less than 15 lbs., requiring only 2 sq. ft. of space, and has a scratch resistant and washable surface made of ABS plastic, making it ideal for any waiting room or prescreening room. A test slide package, with a set of 12 test slides, is included at no additional cost with more than 100 test slides to choose from. Standard test packages have been designed for ophthalmology, public health, optometry, primary care, occupational medicine, driver testing and rehabilitation, schools, pediatrics, sports, and Federal Aviation Administration tests. Peripheral testing is optional.

The Optec series uses LEDs (light-emitting diodes) offering more than 100,000 hours of use and no light bulbs to change. The forehead-rest pressure bar ensures proper patient positioning, and forehead tissues are included. The Tilt/Height Activator is another feature that also ensures the patient is positioned properly. Dual observation doors allow the technician to point to test targets on both sides of the instrument. Likewise, the test indicator allows the operator to work on either side of the instrument.  Test slide packages may be customized, and test slides are easy to change.

Optional intermediate testing is available at various distances from 20 in. to 39.5 in, and the optional Peripheral Test performs vision testing on the horizontal plane with stimuli at 85º and 70º, and at 55º temporal and 45º nasal. A two-year warranty is included. Wheeled and soft-side carrying cases are also available.


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