TECH OPTICS’ TASK-VISION DOES THE TRICK. In similar fashion to suns that are worn over ophthalmic lenses, the new Task-Vision Fit Over Telescope glasses are lightweight and have an open style. Offering high-resolution clarity, ideal field of view, great depth of field, flip-up functionality, adjustable papillary distance, nosepads, and telescope angle, these titanium-framed glasses are offered in 2.5x or 3.5x and are available in Fit Over Distance Telescopes as well. For more information, contact Tech Optics at 800-678-0002 or techopticsinternational.com.

AMCON OFFERS SINGLE-USE CONTAINERS FOR VIVA DROPS. VIVA Drops® can now be purchased in 0.5ml single-use containers. This development makes it possible for practitioners to dispense the containers as samples, potentially increasing their own bottom lines. VIVA Drops is a preservative-free treatment for dry eye syndrome. For more information, contact Amcon at 800-255-6161 or amconlabs.com.

SYNERGEYES’ DUETTE ADDRESSES PRESBYOPIA. The Duette™ Multifocal contact lens is a silicone hydrogel hybrid that’s designed for patients with presbyopia. Incorporating MultiPro2 Technology, it features hybrid technology that offers ideal centration and stability to deliver full binocular vision not affected by lens movement. It also utilizes an optimized lacrimal layer to decrease aberrations and enhance optical performance while also correcting corneal astigmatism. For more information, contact SynergEyes, Inc. at 877-SEE-2012 or synergeyes.com.

TAKE A SEAT WITH REICHERT. The Advantage Plus Chair and Stand addresses practitioners’ needs for patient comfort and product quality, while remaining easy to use. Its large positive-locking headrest supports patients through the full recline range, and the chair’s design features rich charcoal upholstery. The stand includes an overhead lamp, counter-balanced refractor arm and a lower instrument arm, and a multifunction control console that allows practitioners to manage lane operations without sacrificing valuable floor space. For more information, contact Reichert Technologies at 888-849-8955 or reichert.com.

EYE ECO’S TRANQUILEYES FINDS A RELEASE. Hidden seals and a moisture-releasing compartment allow Tranquileyes Moisture Release Eyewear to protect patients’ eyes throughout the day. The lightweight frame helps improve visual acuity and eases symptoms contributing to dryness, redness, and fatigue. Over the course of the day, two vented chambers containing a pre-soaked piece of foam release humidity to the area surrounding the eyes and help to stabilize tear film. For more information, contact Eye Eco at 888-730-7999 or eyeeco.com.

VOLK IS ON THE GO WITH PICTOR IMAGER. Weighing less than a pound, the Pictor digital device delivers high-resolution images that are compatible with most major imaging software programs and adaptable to any patient database system. It includes two modules. The Retinal module provides a 45° field of view of the fundus. This non-mydriatic imaging method is used with pupils as small as 3mm. The Anterior module is for imaging surface parts of the eye and has a series of cobalt blue LEDs for fluorescent imaging. For more information, contact Volk Optical, Inc. at 800-345-8655 or volk.com.

M&S’ INNOVATIVE GLARE TESTING SYSTEM. The Glare Testing System (GTS™) provides a consistent technology for measuring the impact of glare on a patient’s vision. The glare component offers practitioners an enhanced method to further test patients who complain of poor vision especially while driving at night. Each glare assembly is calibrated to existing luminance standards for testing under glare conditions. It’s sold as an option and can be added to any Smart System. For more information, contact M&S Technologies, Inc. at 877-225-6101 or mstech-eyes.com.

COOPERVISION MULTITASKS FOR MULTIFOCAL. Biofinity® Multifocal is the newest addition to Biofinity’s monthly replacement contact lenses. The product combines the Biofinity Asphere and Toric lens material with Balanced Progressive™ Technology. It’s available in sphere powers of +6.00D to -8.00D and in four add powers (+1.00D, +1.50D, +2.00D, +2.50D). CooperVision has also introduced a new streamlined fitting approach wherein practitioners can easily fit patients and offer lens wearers an ideal combination of ease, comfort, and eye health. For more information, contact CooperVision, Inc. at 800-341-2020 or coopervision.com.

CANON’S RETINAL CAMERA DETECTS/ MONITORS OCULAR CONDITIONS. The CR-2 PLUS Digital Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera offers fundus autofluorescence photography, which monitors macular waste materials, including lipofuscin which can accumulate in the Retinal Pigment Epithelial layer. It delivers both red-free and cobalt digital filters that are useful in evaluating the vascular and nerve fiber layers. The device also features a dedicated 18-megapixel EOS camera technology that has been specifically adapted to capture detailed diagnostic images of the retina. For more information, contact Canon at 800-970-7227 or usa.canon.com/eye-care.



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