WILSON BRINGS EYE DROPPERS TO NEW HEIGHTS. Attaching to the top of most eye medication bottles, the Cress Dropper™ makes it easier for patients to administer drops comfortably, accurately, and with minimal waste. Its arched area rests on bridge of the nose with the dropper tip gently touching the eye’s inside corner. Gently squeezing the bottle administers an accurate dose of medication every time. Available in two sizes – one for 2mL to 5mL bottles and another for 5mL to 15mL bottles. For more information, contact Wilson Ophthalmic at 800-222-2020 or wilsonophthalmic.com.

NEW ULTRA-WIDEFIELD RETINAL IMAGING DEVICE DEBUTS. Optos’ 200Tx™ provides visualization of ultra-widefield autofluorescence changes to retinal pigment epithelium, the pigmented cell layer just outside the neurosensory retinal that nourishes retinal visual cells. It offers multiple wavelength imaging including options for color, red-free, fluorescein angiography, and autofluorescence. 200Tx supports the diagnosis, analysis, documentation, and monitoring of ocular pathology in the periphery of the retina, which can enhance research related to diseases such as diabetic retinopathy. For more information, contact Optos at 866-OPTOMAP or optos.com.

DRY EYE SUFFERERS RECEIVE THE RIGHT BALANCE. Designed for patients with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Alcon’s Systane® BALANCE lubricant eye drops restore the lipid layer and the natural tear film for relief of dry eye symptoms. This newest addition to the Systane family of products is a scientifically engineered product that contains HP Guar, borate, sorbitol, propylene glycol, and Alcon’s LipiTech™ System, a unique emulsion technology of mineral oil and an anionic phospholipid. For more information, contact Alcon Laboratories, Inc. at 800-451-3937 or alcon.com.

SCIENCEBASED HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS SUPPORT PATIENTS DIAGNOSED WITH AMD. MacularProtect® Omega-3 Companion is based on the ongoing AREDS2 clinical trial, offering 1,000mg (650mg of EPA and 350mg of DHA) of highly pure fish oil plus zeaxanthin in two daily soft gels. Lemon flavoring helps ensure no fishy taste or odor. It is intended to be combined with MacularProtect Complete, which contains 10mg of lutein and multinutrient support, to provide comprehensive protection for macular health. For more information, contact ScienceBased Health at 888-433-4726 or sciencebasedhealth.com.

REVITALENS TAKES DISINFECTION TO A HIGHER LEVEL. Along with input from more than 600 ECPs, RevitaLens Ocutec multipurpose disinfecting solution for silicone hydrogel and conventional soft contact lenses was developed by a team of world-class experts. According to AMO, this new product offers high microorganism kill rates, removes proteins from lens surfaces, effectively kills acanthamoeba and fusarium, reduces corneal staining, minimizes risk of eye complications, and delivers comfort for the user. For more information, contact Abbott Medical Optics (AMO) at 714-247-8711 or amo-inc.com.

ACCURATE RXS WITH ZEISS’ MEASURING DEVICE. The i.Profilerplus® – an autorefractor, Hartmann-Shack wavefront aberrometer, and Atlas 9000 corneal topographer, measures both eyes in about a minute. Higher-order wavefront aberration data is combined with subjective refraction using i.Scription® software to create a prescription in 0.01D increments that is compensated for patient’s higher-order aberrations. This prescription is used to create Zeiss Customized Lenses, providing better vision in low-light and improved contrast. For more information, contact Carl Zeiss Vision Inc. at 800-358-8258 or zeiss.com/lenses.

BAUSCH + LOMB IMPROVES VISION, COMFORT, AND BREATHABILITY. Designed with glare and halo reduction in mind, PureVision®2 with High Definition™ Optics contact lenses are among the thinnest lenses on the market, according to the company. The monthly contact lenses bring together several improvements to help overcome challenges contact lens’ wearers face. This includes reducing spherical aberration across entire power range and providing high levels of oxygen transmissibility. For more information, contact Bausch + Lomb at 800-828-9030 or bausch.com.

DOUBLE UP WITH THE LATEST FROM ESCHENBACH. Low vision patients can enjoy two different lens powers in one pair of glasses with the MiniFrame Bifo. With a molded bridge that’s free of sharp edges, the top segment provides 3.00D in power, while the bottom segment provides either 4.50D, 6.00D, or 7.50D. This hands-free solution for patients who need eyewear with more magnification than is available in readers comes in gunmetal, gold, blue, and red. For more information, contact Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. at 800-487-5389 or eschenbach.com.



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