COOPERVISION EXPANDS ITS AVAIRA FAMILY OF LENSES. Avaira® Toric silicone hydrogel contact lenses are designed to offer astigmatic patients improved and consistent performance regardless of their cylinder power or axis. Lenses combine a consistent horizontal thickness, an optimized ballast, a low modulus, and high water content. The naturally hydrophilic contact lens retains water, which minimizes dehydration, and eliminates the need for wetting agents, coatings, or additives. For more information, contact CooperVision, Inc. at 800-341-2020 or coopervision.com.

VMAX’S NEXT GENERATION IN SUBJECTIVE REFRACTION. According to the company, the PSF Refractorâ„¢ offers an Integrated Vision System for doctors to provide patients with the most accurate refraction available, directly incorporating patient subjective input. It is up to five times more precise than the phropter measuring to 0.05D accuracy. This exacting data can be used to prescribe Encepsionâ„¢ progressive and single vision lenses which are manufactured using 100% digital free-form Diamond Pointâ„¢ Technology. For more information, contact Vmax Vision, Inc. at 888-413-7038 or vmaxvision.com.

SEE MORE IN RETINAL PHOTOS WITH TOPCON’S SOFTWARE. Allowing an optimal view of the retina in a single, seamless display, i2k Retinaâ„¢ enables the creation of wide field-of-view mosaics of color fundus images. The software registers and aligns retinal photographs without consideration of which technology was used to capture the photographs, or when the photographs were taken, and improves clinical diagnoses and monitoring of retinal pathologies. For more information, contact Topcon Medical Systems, Inc. at 800-223-1130 or topconmedical.com.

UNILENS CUSTOMIZES ITS LINE OF SILICONE HYDROGEL CLS. C-VUE Advanced® HydraVUEâ„¢ custom contact lenses for monthly replacement feature presbyopic lens technology that allows optom-etrists to specify the exact add power and zone size. Lens options include the company’s toric multifocal and multifocal designs, as well as made-to-order toric and single vision options, all of which are customizable and feature a risk-free trial program. For more information, contact Unilens Vision Inc. at 800-446-2020 or unilens.com.

ON-THE-GO MAGNIFICATION IS EASY FOR ENHANCED VISION. Patients with low vision conditions such as macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, or Stargardt’s disease have a new magnification option with the Transformer USB. The lightweight, battery-operated device offers magnification of up to 30x and camera rotation of up to 330°, as well as auto-install software. Available in 28 custom color select modes, the battery operates for up to four hours and each camera position has a memory setting.  For more information, contact Enhanced Vision
at 888-811-3161 or enhancedvision.com.

ELLEX MAKES RETINAL DISEASE MANAGEMENT EASIER. The DRSâ„¢ fully-automated, non-mydriatic retinal camera is the newest addition to Ellex’s portfolio. In less than 30 seconds, the new high-resolution digital camera with a touch-screen interface can sense the patient, self-align to the target eye, focus the retina, adjust the flash level, and capture the image. System provides the flexibility of multi-fields, red-free filter, storage of up to 160,000 images on the internal PC, and WI-FI hotspot, and Ethernet connectivity. For more information, contact Ellex at 800-824-7444 or ellex.com/usa.

MARCO GOES NEW WAVE WITH OPD-SCAN III. Nidek’s and Marco’s newest 3D wavefront system, the OPD-Scan III, combines autorefraction/ keratometry, pupillometry, corneal topography, optical path difference (OPD), and wavefront analysis into one diagnostic workstation. Its refractive power/corneal analyzer can evaluate a patient’s total visual system, and can enhance surgery screening capabilities for LASIK and cataract patients. The instrument features enhanced ARK function automation, WF Visual Acuity Maps, a full 9.0mm measurement area, CT blue light, and fully seamless EMR/EHR integration. For more information, contact Marco at 800-874-5274 or marco.com.



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