VisionWeb Chief Executive Officer and President Ken Engelhart brings more than 30 years of industry experience to his post. Having held multiple positions in senior management and marketing during his previous stint at Essilor of America, Inc., Ken now spearheads VisionWeb’s strategic growth and business development as it continues to expand its global platform.

Eric L. Bran: What sets Uprise apart from optometry’s numerous other EHR systems?

—Ken Engelhart: Uprise is true cloud-based software that was designed to be easy to use and have a smart workflow. It provides practices more flexibility in the way they work. Essential features are embedded in the solution without extra costs or the hassle of integrations. With cloud-based software, practices get more control over the hardware they want to use. It’s an all-in-one solution built to streamline optometry practices.

Eric: What’s most important  to consider when choosing an EHR system?

Ken: Look for a comprehensive solution that includes practice management and EHR features that manage both the patient-care and business aspects of your practice, from scheduling and exams to billing and reports. All features should communicate with each other to ensure easy tracking, reduced duplicate entries, and smooth patient visits. It’s important that the company is in tune with practices that will be using their software. They should go above and beyond to help users manage the change that comes with using new software, and they should provide excellent support for the life of the account. This is something we strive for because our users deserve it.

Eric: How does conversion from a practitioner’s current EHR to Uprise work?

Ken: We can get their data moved in a few ways, depending on how the data is currently stored. Patient data can be migrated to Uprise electronically if practitioners are switching from another practice management system. It’s all dependent upon the migration the practice wants, but we try to make it happen as seamlessly as possible.

Eric: What’s involved with training doctors and staff to use Uprise? How long should they practice before “˜launching’?

Ken: We’ve designed a comprehensive program that engages users at every level and tailors training material for various roles in the practice. We offer training through a robust Learning Center that’s available to the practice on-demand, as well as through in-person training sessions. This way, whether customers are visual or hands-on-learners, they have access to training that fits their preference. This offers a great deal of flexibility so training can happen at home or in the office. It typically takes three weeks for a practice to get everyone trained and ready to go live.

Eric: Tell us about the embedded tools Uprise comes with.

Ken: We’ve embedded five key solutions, to which all of our users gain access. That means they don’t have to integrate them into the software separately, nor do they incur extra expenses to use them.

•Eyemaginations: ODs can easily send educational materials to patients straight from the EHR. The system seamlessly suggests material based upon the diagnosis.

•CodeSAFE’ by CodeSAFEPLUS’: This gives you peace of mind that your coding is accurate and compliant. Users are alerted if an incompatible CPT code combination is used for services performed on the same day, or if a CPT and ICD combination isn’t allowed.

•Frames Data: Our users can access the Frames Data database and import frame information directly into their catalogs during setup, instead of entering it manually.

•4PatientCare: Patient engagement is built in to allow our users to send automated emails and texts to their patients for reminders, recalls, and pre-appointments.

•NewCrop: We’ve connected with the Surescript network by NewCrop to make it easy to send error-free prescriptions electronically to more than 60,000 pharmacies.



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