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Kelly Morris, Vice President of Marketing at Solutionreach, the cloud-based patient relationship management platform, has come a long way from her start with ad agencies in New York. She’s been involved in technology for many years, having worked with Gartner,, and Novell. At Solutionreach, she focuses on improving doctor-patient relationships, and creating and executing marketing strategies. Here, she discusses Solutionreach’s cloud-based solutions.

Eric L. Bran: How does Solutionreach help ECPs retain patients and grow their practices?

Kelly Morris: Given the amount of patient attrition most ECPs see over a one-to-five year period, we know that solutions for helping them to hang onto their patient base are critical. We’ve found one of the best ways to retain patients is by staying top-of-mind, and engaging patients is what we do.

One of our most effective retention tools is our automated recall feature; it’s the most customizable and strategic one on the market and an amazing revenue generator for the practice. The system will automatically send notifications to patients when they are near or past their due date for follow-up or routine visits. The messages are sent via text, email, and even landline calls, and they can be personalized so patients feel remembered on an individual level.

New patient generation is another integral part of our services. The platform has integrated tools for helping ECPs encourage referrals, promote their business through social media, and manage their online business listings and reviews. Our online reputation management services consist of monitoring, managing, and contributing to the web presence for each practice. The practice receives this information in an easy-to-read format, so it has a clear understanding of which websites need to have reviews addressed.

Eric: Why does it seem so challenging for ECPs to manage their online reputations?

Kelly: There are a lot of aspects to your online reputation, because there are so many places for you to show up on the web. Hundreds of “business listing” sites will show the name of your practice, but not necessarily the correct information. If those listings aren’t populated with the correct information, an ECP is missing out on a lot of potential business.

Even more important are the online review sites. Online reviews make up the majority of new patient acquisition, so having a negative or absent presence is fatal. Unfortunately, providers have little control over these sites. If a practice isn’t proactively monitoring their patients’ satisfaction levels, it can’t stop bad reviews before they happen.

Eric: What makes Solutionreach stand out from its competitors?

Kelly: We have customers who have come to us from competitors and I can tell you some of the features and benefits they love. One thing our clients love is our passion. We call ourselves Solutionaries and our company mantra is “Do amazing things every stinkin’ day.”

Solutionreach is the pioneer for automated patient messaging through text and email. We don’t limit the amount of outreach an ECP can have with patients, whether they are recall messages or appointment reminders, voice calls or text messages. Most of our competitors charge per email or per voice call. Because we use in-house technology, we can send as many messages as we want and we pass that ability right on to our customers. Our service is all-inclusive; there are no surprise fees, and our customers have a price-for-life guarantee.

The Solutionreach subscription also includes a patient portal, a digital check-in tool, CareCredit integration, and our new PatientReach Mobile, a free application that allows patients to stay constantly connected to the practice. It can automate billing notices, collect mobile payments, and enable the ECP to exchange HIPAA secure texts with patients. Customers receive these features without any jump in price.

The last thing I would mention is our Client Success Department. We provide unlimited training and support. Our reps proactively review their accounts and regularly reach out to them.


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