After being in practice for nearly 25 years, Scott Jens, OD, is now CEO of RevolutionEHR and Rev360. RevolutionEHR is a cloud-based electronic health record and practice-management software. Rev360 provides business services to RevolutionEHR customers.




Richard Clompus, OD, FAAO: I remember discussing software with you more than 10 years ago, and you were convinced that a cloud-based software management system was best for optometry. What led you down this development path?

Scott Jens, OD: I preferred Apple computers through high school and college. When I started to practice in 1991, the options for optometric business software for Macs were minimal.

Our office used practice-management software for Mac during the 1990s. However, as modules for electronic health records (EHRs) became available, they weren’t on Mac.

An OD colleague had a very close high school friend who was working on software that could be accessed through a browser on any type of computer. We connected and built the strategy for a fully hosted (cloud-based) software product for eyecare practitioners.

RC: Practice efficiency is very dependent upon technology. How is RevolutionEHR improving the way eyecare practitioners (ECPs) deliver patient care?

SJ: RevolutionEHR is not modularized, so the entire system is centered on the patient encounter. This streamlines care because as a medication list is updated or a diagnosis added, those entries automatically become part of the EHR’s master lists.

Also, data views that provide compilations of data through the ongoing care of the patient and information about the patient’s progress (such as all IOP readings over time with graphical display) are available without the need to peruse through many pages of records.
This summer, RevolutionEHR users will have a unique dashboard, called Pulse, available as part of their system. This will reduce the effort of collecting and analyzing data reports and key performance indicators, allowing users to have practice performance available at their fingertips.

RC: Rev360 is a new software system designed to help practitioners become more profitable. What areas of practice can benefit with this software?

SJ: Rev360 is not software; it is a business services company that aims to deliver to RevolutionEHR practices a variety of optional software add-ons, as well as human-based services, to make the practice run more efficiently and profitably. These include new technologies that are embedded within RevolutionEHR for patient communication or image management, as well as offerings to outsource the practice’s billing/revenue cycle management to our in-house team of billing specialists. All these are available for low additional monthly fees and are only delivered as needed by the practice.

RC: With more technology based on mobile devices, where do you think the future of software management systems will take us?

SJ: Software and, more importantly, the data within its databases, needs to help us make better clinical and business decisions. With computing now available on lighter and more portable devices, software should enable these decisions and should be pushing notifications to the ECP and staff when concerns or opportunities arise. And, software should provide the conduit of communication to patients so they get information from their ECP when and where they want it.


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