Candid Conversations between Optometric Office’s Eric L. Bran, OD, and leading optical executives about their product strategies.

David Marco, President of Marco Ophthalmic, began his career in the family business, Frontier Contact Lenses, in 1971. When the company was acquired by Johnson & Johnson, he remained in marketing and administration until 1982. Since then he has served as Marco’s President, fulfilling the corporate vision to advance the science of eyecare, increase office operational productivity, and dramatically improve customer experience. Here, David talks about how Marco can help harness a practice’s true potential.

Eric Bran: Can you explain Marco’s alliance with NIDEK?

David Marco: In general, Marco is responsible for the conceptualization and promotion of diagnostic products. NIDEK is responsible for engineering and production.

While all R&D functions are managed by NIDEK, strategic directions and diagnostic products introduced in the U.S. market are done in close association with Marco. With more than 40 years of experience selling into this arena, Marco’s working knowledge of the MD and OD market space is highly valued by NIDEK.

EB: What should optometrists know about Marco?

DM: Optometrists first need to know Marco’s primary goal is to advance and strengthen the eyecare profession. We greatly enhance the patient experience with processes and products that are decades ahead of the norm, simultaneously increasing operational productivity by 30% to 70%. This is what is needed in today’s environment—not just to survive, but to thrive! Marco is the only company that can do this. Second, optometrists should remember Marco’s lane products are distributed through our nationwide group of distributors, while our automated products are sold through our direct sales group consisting off 25 specialists.

EB: What does Marco’s EMR Certification Program entail?

DM: Marco takes the question “Do You Connect With…?” out of the equation via our Marco Connect Software. Marco can communicate with any EMR company with data from automated Marco devices. We take it even one step further and test each company’s integration to each Marco product—old and current. The EMR company then becomes “Marco EMR Certified,” allowing us to assure doctors that our Certified EMR Partners will successfully and painlessly integrate immediately with their new technology. This is a critical assurance in our “partners for life” mission.

EB: Can you elaborate on the “partners for life” mission?

DM: Today, success requires survival through new and more intelligent efficiencies. Marco suggests these essential steps.

  1. Develop a plan. Marco offers a full consultative approach, involving an unobtrusive practice assessment. Observation of total staff efficiencies and the overall patient experience supplement empirical practice flow metrics to deliver a comprehensive assessment and plan options.
  2. Regain proactive control. Based on specific practice objectives, we will suggest specific changes that could be implemented in the practice to deliver greater efficiencies and maximize patient flow. Time is your most valuable commodity…and one you can control. Time savings in the practice can be reinvested in many ways. 
  3. Forge a strong and lasting partnership. Becoming a “Marco practice” is just the beginning of a long relationship. Because we offer such an extensive line of exam lane and automated devices, our team of practice specialists can be responsive to all of your product needs with the correct advice/device when you need it. Behind Marco field managers are world-class product specialists and credentialed instructors in our Jacksonville Institute of Vision Technology. Finally, each instrument purchase is backed by robust trade-up programs.

With the products and partnership advantage of Marco, we can help optometrists outperform the competition, attract more patients, control patient flow, and harness the true potential of their practices.


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