As senior director, North America professional and academic affairs for CooperVision Inc., Michele Andrews, OD, provides support to eyecare professionals in the contact lens market. Prior to joining CooperVision, Andrews served as executive vice president of professional services at For Eyes Optical Company and senior director of provider relations and clinical services at EyeMed Vision Care. She also had significant clinical patient care experience.

Richard Clompus, OD: Daily disposable lenses were once considered a problem-solving modality. Today, it seems they are the first choice for many practitioners. How have clariti 1 day and MyDay lenses propelled this change?

Michele Andrews, OD: The one-day modality has grown steadily throughout the world, and there is a real opportunity for U.S. practitioners to make the transition. Combining the advantages of proven silicone hydrogel material with the benefits of the one-day modality, such as increased compliance, opens a new door for the healthiest and most comfortable lens-wearing experiences. Introducing clariti 1 day, with a full range of sphere, toric and multifocal options, helps upgrade hydrogel wearers at a competitive price, and MyDay establishes a premium choice for the category.

RC: Much of CooperVision’s efforts to advance technology in contact lenses have been in chemistry and material science. Comfilcon A (Biofinity) was a big leap forward with lower modulus, higher water content and less silicone. What are the improvements in your latest SiHy material, stenfilcon A?

MA: CooperVision wanted to take silicone hydrogel material a step further””to develop a truly premium lens for the one-day category. MyDay lenses were the result of years of effort by our R&D team to deliver the comfort of a hydrogel with the exceptional handling of a SiHy. Stenfilcon A is just 4.4% silicone, with a modulus of only 0.4 MPa. It makes MyDay our softest silicone hydrogel one-day lens and one of the most comfortable on the market.

RC: Proclear is the only lens to have an FDA-cleared indication that it may provide improved comfort for wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness. What makes this lens a better choice for patients in 2016?

MA: Proclear 1 day lenses continue to be popular among many practitioners and their patients, particularly those with dry eye symptoms. Like Biofinity, the development of Proclear was ahead of its time. Because of our close partnerships with practitioners, we know it’s beneficial to have multiple go-to contact lenses””a variety of “tools” in their box, if you will””to meet those needs.

RC: Nothing is more frustrating for a clinician than having a patient who is happy with their contact lenses find that their new prescription is now out of range. Can you share CooperVision’s philosophy of having the widest disposable lens prescription range in the industry?

MA: We work every day to provide contact lens options for just about every eye. We know that practitioners don’t ever want to have to turn a patient away from contact lenses, so we are committed to introducing options from the most commonly prescribed sphere ranges to Biofinity XR toric. Our unmatched breadth provides practitioners the opportunity to retain and acquire a greater number of patients and improve profitability for their practices. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to help put a patient in contact lenses who has never before been able to wear them”¦or to help keep someone in lenses for the future.


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