—Candid conversations between Optometric Office’s Eric L. Bran, OD, and leading optical executives about their product strategies.

Dave Gibson, Director, Optometric Professional Relations and Strategic Initiatives for Allergan, has been working in the healthcare field for 27 years, 14 of those with Allergan in a variety of management positions. He has been in his current role for the past five years. Here, he discusses some of the company’s recent developments.

Eric L. Bran: How can Allergan’s educational website,, benefit ECPs?

Dave Gibson: This is an educational and resource website for optometrists that provides information on Allergan products, samples, patient assistance, and savings programs. Additionally, it offers a variety of downloadable materials that ECPs can use to teach their patients about eye health, specific ocular conditions, and the importance of medication compliance. New ODs can also register for Allergan’s OPTOMETRY JUMPSTARTâ„¢ program, which is designed to offer support and resourc-es to recent optometry school graduates.

Eric: With the success of RESTASIS, what message does Allergan have for those ECPs who don’t use it regularly in their treatment plan for dry eye?

Dave: Dry eye affects approximately 25 million people in the U.S. and is one of the most common reasons patients visit their eyecare professional. Although dry eye may be a temporary problem for some, those with Chronic Dry Eye may find their symptoms get worse and occur more frequently over time. I encourage doctors to pay close attention to these patients and keep them informed about how their eyes can change.

Eric: Where do you see treatments for dry eye and glaucoma heading in the next decade?

Dave: Dry eye and glaucoma continue to affect millions of individuals each year. Unfortunately, the prevalence of these diseases increases as the population ages.

Over the next decade, major progress will be made in treating a variety of eye conditions, including dry eye and glaucoma, and Allergan expects to be in the forefront of these advances. I believe treatments and procedures will continue to improve patients’ quality of life by providing lasting relief.

At the same time, while treatment technology will surely change over the next decade, optometrists have terrific options at their disposal right now for treating dry eye and glaucoma.

Eric: What can you share with readers about Allergan’s R&D efforts and how does Allergan differentiate from the competition?

Dave: For more than 60 years, Allergan has been committed to developing and delivering innovative and meaningful treatments across the specialty areas we support.

Our research and development program aims to bring the best of medicine to life. Scientists and researchers work closely with medical specialists to transform new compounds into innovative therapeutics that help improve patient outcomes.

One of our keys to success has been our ability to listen and to learn””from our customers, and from each other. Another key is providing an open forum for scientists to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and gain access to the research.

Allergan consistently strives to differentiate itself from the competition by working to develop an unmatched level of insight into patients’ wants and needs””and into the priorities and concerns of the medical specialists who treat them.


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