I’m amazed how each year, even before the children go trick-or-treating, stores begin prominently displaying Christmas- and Hannukah-themed merchandise and mentioning upcoming Black Friday deals. Next up is the oncoming blitz of reminders about how many shopping days are left.

Without getting too sappy, this seems like a good time to remember that you and your employees already give gifts to your patients and colleagues throughout the year. Here are some items that may appear on your gift list:

Relief of eyestrain and associated symptoms for individuals who work at computers for long hours or spend hours each day looking at their smartphones and tablets.
Better school performance for the child whose binocular vision disorder was mistaken for learning and/or behavioral problems.
Early detection in the patient who didn’t know he had diabetes until you performed a dilated retinal exam.
Replacement glasses or contact lenses for those displaced by this year’s deadly hurricanes and wildfires.
Donations to Optometry Cares—The AOA Foundation and other relief funds to help your colleagues who were affected by these disasters. (Kudos to the ophthalmic industry as well for their financial and material contributions to doctors and patients.)
Advocacy to ensure patients’ access to eyecare and to protect them from illegal and deceptive practices of some online contact lens sellers.

The list goes on.

And, don’t forget the other gift you can give your patients: education about the importance of eyecare as part of the patient’s overall health, as part of their children’s education, and as a way to prevent blindness from vision-threatening conditions.

Whichever holiday you celebrate at this time of the year (or even if you celebrate no holiday), we at First Vision Media Group wish you, your employees and your families peace and happiness in 2018.


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