Akorn Consumer Health | 800.579.8327 |
Eye Nutrition
3 softgels in the
EPA: 450mg / DHA: 300mg
omega-3s from flaxseed oil: 450mg
Vitamin E: 183 IU
•supports eye comfort and healthy tears
•available in 90-count, easy-to-swallow softgels
Alcon | 800.757.9780 |
ICaps Eye Vitamin
Vision Health Formula
1 softgel per day
with a meal
omega-3s: 280mg
FloraGLO lutein: 10mg
zeaxanthin: 2mg
•no beta-carotene
•contains highly refined fish oil
Bausch + Lomb | 800.553.5340 |
Adult 50+
1 softgel with
morning meal
and a full glass
of water
omega-3s: 250mg
lutein: 5mg
zeaxanthin: 1mg
•replenishes nutrients as you age
•also contains vitamins C, E and zinc
•supports proper retinal function
Biosyntrx | 800.688.6815 |
BioTears 2 softgels in the
morning and
evening with meals
DHA: 60mg / EPA: 21mg
black currant seed oil, aloe vera
leaf oil, plus vitamins A, C, D and E
•supports fatty acid metabolism
•supports structure and function of all three layers of the tear film
EyePromise | 866.833.2800 |
EZ Tears
2 softgels fish oil (TG): 1,480mg
total omega-3s: 1,100mg
proprietary blend: evening
primrose oil, turmeric root
extract, green tea leaf extract,
mixed tocotrienol/tocopherol oil
•helps produce more natural tears with a greater level of lubrication to relieve
the associated discomfort and irritation of occasional dry eye
•rapid relief as early as one week after initiating supplementation
Fortifeye Vitamins | 866.503.9746 |
Super Omega-3 Fish Oil
2 softgels daily
omega-3s: 1,600mg
EPA: 860mg / DHA: 580mg
•triple molecularly distilled triglyceride form of fish oil
•chewable with natural orange/lemon flavor; no odor
Lunovus | 800.980.6551 |
Tear Support PLUS
4 softgels per day
omega-3s: 2,668mg
EPA: 1,680mg
DHA: 560mg

•molecularly distilled to offer the purest form of omegas
•the process removes mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls out of the oils
Nordic Naturals | 800.662.2544 |
Omega Vision
2 softgels daily
with food
FloraGLO lutein: 20mg
zeaxanthin: 4mg
total omega-3s: 1,460mg
•unique blend promotes eye moisture and tear production
•protects from harmful blue light
Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals | 800.900.2303 |
Dry Eye Omega 4 softgels daily
with meals
omega-3s: 2,668mg
vitamin D: 1,000 IU
•provides 2 to 3 grams of omega-3s per day
•unique molecular distillation removes significantly more PCBs
Science Based Health | 888.433.4726 |
HydroEye 2 capsules twice
a day with meals
omega-3s: 170mg
black currant seed oil: 1,570mg
vitamins A, E, C and B6 plus magnesium
•helps reduce inflammation
•GLA found in black currant seed oil shown to reduce dry eye symptoms
Viteyes | 800.890.3937 |
Dry Eye Formula 1 softgel daily
with meal
omega-3 fish oil: 500mg
flaxseed oil: 500mg
plus lactoferrin, borage seed
oil and vitamins E and B6
•contains lactoferrin, shown to be half the normal amount in those with dry eyes
•omega-3s suppress inflammation of the tear gland
•borage seed oil activates PGE1 and cAMP which stimulates aqueous tear

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