I know what you’re thinking—“not another optometric magazine! I barely have the time to read the ones currently piling up on my desk.” Yes, we here at First Vision Media Group (FVMG) were aware of the number of optometric publications out there when we set out to launch Ophthalmic Office. But we were also aware that there’s an area in optometry which no other magazine was devoted to: products. And product information is what FVMG is at the forefront in delivering, with such leading publications as VCPN, OLP, and Sunglasses magazine.

Before setting out on this endeaver, we did our homework. In order to gain perspective on exactly what type of product information you, the optometrist, wanted to see in Ophthalmic Office, we conducted several surveys with the optometric community. Our research found that the most selected topics of importance were diagnostic instrumentation, contact lenses, and therapeutics—three of the handful of areas where Ophthalmic Office will concentrate on throughout the year (as well as ophthalmic lenses and technology). When asked what was most important when reading about such topics as instrumentation and contact lenses, an overwhelming majority choose product features and benefits—an aspect that will be prevalent in every issue in such regular columns as Products-At-A-Glance. But of course optometrists are responsible for running a business, so you need to know profitability potential of these products as well, which we will strive to demonstrate. And since you preferred not to receive the magazine every month (remember those piles!), we opted to bundle up this content into five issues for the year.

All of the subject matter will be delivered to you in both in-depth articles and charts designed for a quick, but informative, read. We’ll be showcasing what certain products can do and how to apply them in your practice.

In addition to our print magazine, I invite you to go to our Web site ( for more on the latest products and to also stay in contact on our Facebook page ( that will keep you informed about what’s going on in the ever-evolving world of optometry.

If you have any suggestions and/or comments about how we at Ophthalmic Office can make this publication an even more effective tool for your practice, you are welcome to e-mail me your thoughts at



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