HYDROPHILIC LENS COATING FOR IMPROVED COMFORT Custom contact lens manufacturer Valley Contax now offers Tangible Hydra-PEG hydrophilic coating as an option to all of its lenses manufactured in Contamac Optimum materials. This polyethylene glycol coating, applied to the lens at the final stage of manufacturing, has a 90% water content. It is designed to increase lens comfort and relieve dry eyes by improving wettability, increasing lens surface water retention and lubricity, and minimizing deposits and lens fogging. Tangible Hydra-PEG, which is permanently bonded to the surface of the lens, is ultra-thin (less than 50nm), so it does not alter lens geometry, mass or Dk/t. It also does not inhibit oxygen permeability or light transmission. Call 800.547.8815, or visit

CATALOG FOR PLANNING OFFICE SPACE Eye Designs, LLC, manufacturer of custom ophthalmic environments and optical display systems, released its 17/18 Complete Guide, a full-line catalog that describes the company’s services, collections and merchandising systems, and offers project-specific information to walk eyecare practitioners through the process of planning a new environment. This year’s catalog also offers more information on IRIS (Intelligent Retail Integrated Solutions) and technology-based Experience Centers that integrate social media and the web into brick-and-mortar stores. Eye Designs also added two new furniture lines, Celine and Strata, as well as several accessories to its line of merchandising solutions, including frame risers, frame trays and messaging blocks. Call 800.346.8890, or email

EYE GEL FOR THOSE BAGS AND LINES MediNiche, Inc. now offers a new version of OcuDerma, an eye gel that contains advanced technology peptides to decrease capillary permeability, improve lymphatic circulation, and improve firmness and elasticity. The result: a diminished appearance of under-eye bags and puffiness. OcuDerma also combines extracts, locust bean and hyaluronate to make the skin around the eyes feel tighter and look firmer, help lift the upper eyelid and reduce the appearance of “crow’s feet.” What it doesn’t contain: fragrances, artificial dyes, parabens, sensitizers or pore-clogging agents. MediNiche also updated the OcuDerma packaging to include an airless pump bottle and a “Sani-Dose” pump dispenser to reduce the risk of contamination from repeatedly dipping fingers into jars. As part of the introduction, a display offer featuring discounts, free goods and free shipping is available to new customers. Call 888.325.2395, or go to


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