People have asked what I liked about my former roles as managing editor of another eyecare magazine and as a freelance writer for various healthcare publications. One thing that immediately comes to mind: the possibility that an article I was involved with might have helped improve a patient’s care.

This took on new meaning in 2012. A bad headache I thought was a migraine became extremely severe over the next several days. Medications offered little more than an hour of relief. In addition, my right eye became extremely swollen, I couldn’t open it more than halfway, and it was bright red.

Eventually, my wife and I headed to the ER at our local hospital, where I spent the next 10 days. A few days later, I developed the telltale rash of herpes zoster ophthalmicus O.D.

During the months of recovery, I had plenty of concerns: Would I ever not have bad headaches? Would I ever open my right eye completely? Would I ever again see beyond 20/100 in that eye? Five years later, my visual acuity fluctuates between 20/25 and 20/40 O.D., but I have severe dry eye O.U. and, at times, SPK and epithelial defects O.D.

This experience gave me an even greater appreciation of the role eyecare providers play in their patients’ overall health. It also has helped shape my perspective as the new editor-in-chief of Optometric Office.

As I step into the shoes of Joanne Van Zuidam, I think about the importance of the products and technology you’ll read about in these pages. Consider my own situation: I use steroid drops, antibiotic ointment, Restasis and artificial tears. Punctal plugs? They’re in there.

These products enabled me to step into sunlight without agony, read to my son, and resume driving and work. They play a role in my everyday health and quality of life.

And, the products we cover help you provide the best care possible to your patients, often improving their own quality of life. I look forward to providing you with this information.

Jeffrey Eisenberg | Editor-In-Chief |


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