The novel 1-mm flat pack is the most environmentally friendly packaging for daily disposable contact lenses.
Miru’s award-winning brand has received both gold and silver at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the Clio Awards.

“Earlier this year, at the AOA meeting, I was given several pairs of 1 day Miru to try. Being a 41-year contact lens wearer and also a dry eye patient, this was a good test of the lens. The comfort and ease of handling this lens was fantastic. It is now seven months later and I’m still comfortably wearing this lens and very happy with it. Also, its introduction to my practice has been received very enthusiastically by my patients. “
“”Arnold Zide, OD, VisionCare 2000, Boston, MA

Menicon’s 1 day Miru contact lens features a proprietary lens edge design and unique material that enhances comfort.

By now, many eyecare professionals have heard of or actually have tried Menicon America, Inc.’s, new daily disposable flat pack lens, 1 day Miru. Its novel 1mm flat pack is truly an eye-catcher. Yet, there is so much more to this contact lens than just the unique packaging. This lens has become a mainstay of our daily disposable practice.

The key to understanding this lens is that every aspect of 1 day Miru is unique. While the 1-mm thick flat pack is the most environmentally friendly packaging in the daily disposable contact lens industry, it is only one of many innovative features of this new lens.

1 day Miru features Menicon’s revolutionary CENTRAFORMâ„¢ manufacturing process, which is a combination of molding and spin casting. This proprietary technology creates a thin, highly refined and contoured edge. 1 day Miru’s edge design leads to less conjunctival impingement and conjunctival staining compared to other designs. Conjunctival staining has been correlated with the sensation of end-of-day dryness.

Miru is composed of hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) and glycerol monomethacrylate (GMA). This HEMA-GMA material is structurally similar to oligopolysaccharide, the major component of mucin. Each water molecule forms a double bond with GMA, rendering this material with very good end-of-day wettability. The bi-aspheric surfaces, which correct for spherical aberration, provide excellent visual acuity in higher powers and ambient light conditions. The combination of these factors results in one of the most comfortable daily disposable contact lenses on the market. We have had patients in our practice that prefer 1 day Miru lenses over higher priced silicon hydrogel options. 1 day Miru can be ordered direct or through ABB Optical Group, WVA, or OOGP.

Randall Sakamoto practices at Ala Moana Advanced Eye Clinic, Honolulu, HI.


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