Welcome to the premiere issue of Ophthalmic Office. The goal of this new magazine is to educate optometrists about the latest products and technology revolutionizing the field. In each issue, we will strive to provide this information in a way you won’t get from other publications. I’m proud to be on board with this newest endeavor of First Vision Media Group. Ultimately, I hope we motivate you to implement your newfound knowledge into your practice to achieve the goal of being the “go-to doctor” in your area.

It is more important than ever to differentiate yourself and provide specialized services to the public what with the shifting landscape of health insurance, competition from online sellers of contact lenses and glasses, and big box stores and chain optical retailers impinging upon private practitioners business. Managing macular degeneration and diabetes along with treating dry eye are just some avenues to success. Having the necessary technology with today’s instrumentation and keeping current on ophthalmic products, diagnostic techniques, and treatment of eye disease are all essential to creating loyal patients.

Optometry is forging ahead and those who don’t adapt and seek new opportunities will be left behind. One such opportunity presents itself with the projected increase in patients developing macular degeneration and diabetes over the next decades. Ocular management of these conditions represents a growing field of optometry and a potential influx of patients into the optometric health care model. New diagnostic equipment and recommendations for nutritional intervention are evolving the management of these conditions to help our patients and present profitable opportunities for doctors.

The same holds true for dry eye therapy. Think of how much our approach to treating dry eye has changed in the last few years. The management of dry eye is an ongoing process that requires routinely observing and often modifying the treatment process. By educating dry eye patients about your shared roles in management of dry eye, you help create loyal patients.

Plenty of other niches offering remarkable opportunities exist. Whether it’s creating a specialty in contact lenses, glaucoma, or vision therapy, there are people who you can help. I urge you to strive to differentiate yourself from your colleagues and competitors. Make your practice unique by finding a role that will make you recognizable in your community and beyond.


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