Refractions in half the time ease patient flow and practice productivity while achieving seamless integration with EMR.

The TRS-5100 Total Refraction System from Marco generates extremely precise and reliable digital refractions, minimizes staff variables, and eliminates transcription errors, while smoothly integrating with electronic medical record (EMR) systems. The TRS-5100 Digital Refractor replaces the manual refractor and allows clinical staff to control the refraction process through a touch-screen keypad. Through intelligent integration with Optical Path Diagnostics (from the OPD-Scan III), the TRS enhances the patient experience through a faster, more accurate, more understandable, and modern exam. The entire refraction process can be pre-programmed to standardize the exam, shorten test time, increase staff efficiency, and maximize patient flow.

Simultaneous presentation of the two Jackson cross images with the split prism makes cylinder power and axis testing much quicker and easier for both the patient and the ECP than with traditional Jackson cross cylinder testing. With the push of a button, multiple changes can be made to allow the patient to compare their previous Rx to the new prescription. By demonstrating the effect of prescription changes rapidly, patients can decide whether the change is important to their visual performance. The patient becomes a true partner in the exam process and instantly values the changes prescribed.

By streamlining the flow of data from pre-test instruments, simplifying the exam process for the patient, linking charts to coordinate with selected tests, and speeding up the final verification by the patient, ECPs can save significant time over the entire refraction process. Saving minutes per patient throughout the day allows the ECP to spend more time discussing care plans with patients, to see additional patients in the schedule, improve patient flow, reduce wait times, or make more time for contact lens fittings, optical selections, case discussions, and marketing services.


  • Testing times cut in half with reliable refractions.
  • Standardized procedures for reproducible results across all operators.
  • Reduced risk of repetitive motion and stress injuries for users and operators.
  • Decreased total labor in manual procedures and transcribing data.
  • Easy transfer of data to EMR without transcription errors.
  • On-time patient visits that respect their schedules.
  • Increased referrals through enhanced patient experience.

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